Oliver: I’m prettier than these pictures!

So mirror mirror on the wall who is the prettiest in this photo =D

Is it aunty Any? Or my parents?!?


Of course it’s me and ME alone! No seriously who can resist my cuteness <3?

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Signed by


His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

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55 thoughts on “Oliver: I’m prettier than these pictures!

  1. I think you rate an actual framed photo of yourself on display. I print some of my digital cat photos, and have large heavy albums full of cat pictures from the past. People take digital storage for granted, but I am old and I like the old ways. If a giant solar flare blows out the power grid, Pooffff! Your memories are gone. I am also partial to chiseling pictures into boulders for long term storage, but I am not artistic in that manner. At any rate, you deserve a hard copy photograph, and I vote you get one!

  2. Oliver is a really INTENSE cat. Ms. Cali is too. As I said, its tough to get a shot of the softer side. But, yes, Oliver: You are indeed “the fairest of them all”!

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