Happy April Fool’s Day!

Hello everyone,

We wish you a happy April the 1st and hope you haven’t had to many jokes gone wrong today. 😉

To brighten up your day here is a cute cat artwork! 😀

What was the best or worst joke that happened to you on a April Fool’s day? ;o

Picture credit: Pinterest



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23 thoughts on “Happy April Fool’s Day!

  1. Ben Herman: In My Not So Humble Opinion says:

    The best April Fool’s joke that I ever got? Oh, that’s easy! Back on April 1, 2006, acclaimed comic book artist Michael Avon Oeming proudly announced to the world that he would be writing & illustrating a graphic novel adaptation of John Boorman’s ultra-bizarre cult classic Zardoz…


    I think that so many people, myself included, believed this was real because we WANTED it to happen! 🙂

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