Cat Travel: Cat Cafe てまりのおうち (Temarinoouchi) Part 2

Hi everyone,

Here is as promised in last week’s post (here) the second part of our Trip to this amazing cat cafe! 😀


This is another cute shot of the Scottish fold on one of the ledges. 🙂


Ooops. Didn’t mean to disturb you – you can go back to have your rest! 😮

Of course they had a huge variety of different cats in this cafe. Nubia would have loved to meet the following pretty little friend I am sure!


Now is he staring at me and the camera… or is it the tail! Someone may be in danger. 😉


Yep it was a fight for the ledge!


Apparently this little friend was their latest edition to the family.


Quite a playful one indeed:

Certainly has no fear of the larger kitties around!


Ok let’s be quiet… This is a case of do not disturb! 😮


Not sure what breed he is but he sure is a cutie! 😀

And now let us have a look at the highlight of todays post! Mr Munchkin!!!


Yes he is standing up with his front paws!


And another shot of him.


And slightly more relaxed on his last photo for the day. 🙂


And this one has got to be my favourite shot of him. 😀

Which cat was your favourite in todays post? 🙂

More of our top picks from the cat cafe will follow in due course.

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28 thoughts on “Cat Travel: Cat Cafe てまりのおうち (Temarinoouchi) Part 2

    • Marc-André says:

      Yeah you can stroke and pet them. 🙂 no picking them up though for the cats safety. Some people have never handled a cat and wouldn’t notice the signs of holding them incorrectly

  1. sledpress says:

    The Scottish fold for me too, but really, how can you have a favorite cat? I mean what is the best piece of music in the world, if you see what I mean?

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  3. pilch92 says:

    Such cuties! I am curious to how it compares to the US. Did you have to pay an entrance fee? Could you order your beverages in there?

    • Marc-André says:

      Oh yes! There was an entrance fee. I listed the Japanese yen amount in post 1 – I think it equated to about 10 USD for unlimited time in the cafe. Food drink was very good and not too expensive. The food I think is in post three 🙂

    • Marc-André says:

      That makes two of us. 🙂 Oliver may contain a bit of Scottish fold in his lineage btw. At least so the vet thinks because of the shape of his head, eyes and ears and the fact he doesn’t meow at all. He prrts (apparently Scottish folds are the quiet type in general!). Didn’t even know there were straight eared Scottish folds until the vet told me about that 😮 of course we will never know for sure but let’s leave Oli his minutes of fame lol!

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