Product Review: Canagan Wet Food

Hi everyone,

When I first looked after a cat 30 years ago, the choice of food was very limited. Nina (My first cat) came from my relative when they moved home and had already developed a taste for a certain brand of canned wet food.  She wasn’t at all interested in any other brand and would only eat a few of the cat crunchies available at the time. That didn’t bother Nina, she was quite happy to eat the same brand for the 10 years she lived with us.  Nowadays the range of cat food (and pet food in general) is staggering. From complete dry to complementary wet and everything in between. That’s just as well since Oli and Nubes are incredibly picky and seem to lose interest in a particular food after a few days.

As we’ve seen on this blog, there are many opinions on what is best for a cat. We’ve decide to mainly give complete high quality dry food with some wet food for variety. We’ve tried many different brands and types, from organic pate to meat in gravy. Neither Oli or Nubes are keen on pate but seem to like anything which comes with gravy. Having said that they often just lapped up the gravy leaving the leftovers to dry up in the bowl. Even then they would stop eating it after a few days despite varying the flavour.


A few weeks back we were wandering round a pet shop in place we’d not been to before  (as we seem to do a lot recently) to take a look at their selection of cat food. As expected there was a completely full aisle with wet food on one side and dry on the other.  A member of staff came along to see if we wanted any help. We explained we were looking for wet food for our two fussy felines.  Among her suggestions was a brand we’d not heard of before called Canagan. They have a range of complete wet foods based on our two’s favourite, chicken.  We decided to take 4 tins to try (having made the mistake of buying too much which gets wasted) including with ham, prawns, salmon and beef. All based on shredded chicken cooked in its own gravy with some additional ingredient to provide some interest (and probably extra nutrients). Canagan along with a number of producers also steer clear of grain additives which have been known to cause digestive problems for some cats. The gravy is thickened using tapioca starch from the cassava root rather than starch produced from wheat.

So now to the taste test. Both Oli and Nubes started out by lapping the broth as with other wet food but actually started chomping away at the chicken pieces.  After a few minutes there was a hole in the middle of the food where I could see the bottom of the bowl.  I pushed the remaining food into the centre and was amazed to find later that all but a few shreds had been gobbled up. Would this continue throughout the week? Yes! We had to buy more tins to keep up with the demand.  We bought a pack of 12 tins online all the same flavour for about £12 as I wanted to test a theory about cats and their changing tastes. Surprisingly Oli and Nubes were more than happy to have the same meal for breakfast 12 days in a row clearing the bowl each time.


Nubia: *Sniff sniff*


Nubia: This is delicious! 😀

You can see the two in action on this video:

Overall verdict?
As a premium product, Canagan complete wet food contains very little other than meat and a bit of thickener.  Our two kitties were keen on it and we were happy to feed them something that doesn’t contain anything other than what they need.


Oliver & Nubia: WHERE is OUR Canagan?!? We want more!

If your cats too demand more Canagan you can find stockists near you on their website by clicking here.

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20 thoughts on “Product Review: Canagan Wet Food

  1. Moongazer says:

    Aha! Thank you for this review. I have never heard of Canagan before but I might have to hunt it down now. My Rory needs dental surgery but is too overweight for it to happen. So many of the “light” foods are really high in cereal which cats just wouldnt eat normally as they are carnivores. WHY food manufacturers think its even ok to sell cat food with only 4% meat is beyond me!!
    We’re now on prescription diet food for her as she put on weight during the first week of dieting on “light” cat food *sigh*
    But I am preparing for and researching a Raw diet for all of them. Canagan sounds like it might be worth a try tho.
    Thank you

  2. loobyloucreations says:

    great review! i never really was aware about meat content etc in cat food as i just thought well the main brands must be good for cats.
    Then when Bella passed away due to kidney failure that i was not aware of i researched it.
    Now i get Molly the best i can afford which is Hi-life. I found though because the meat content is at nearly 70% in the pouches that we buy she is fuller for longer and has actually put on weight with hi-life.
    This food does look very appetising i will keep an eye out for it!!

    • Marc-André says:

      You can get Canagan on their website or if you are in the UK at pet corner. I tried Hi-Life too and the brands seem comparable in terms of content. But the kids prefer Canagan 😉

  3. dogear6 says:

    Thanks for the review. When my one cat was dying from cancer, we switched them both to a premium canned food that was hypoallergenic. They LOVED it. It wasn’t enough to keep weight on the sick one, but I sure didn’t have any appetite problems during those last two years.


  4. Stacey Chan says:

    My cats love Canagan wet and dry. Especially the new game dry food. I have been feeding Canagan since the first day it came out ( i run a pet shop so got to know about it before it hit the shelves) and never had a problem. I can’t speak highly enough of the food or the people who work for Canagan.

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