Angel’s Eyes: My cat tree is Important!

doe doe bird

Hello my friends, this is my friend Fred who keeps me company in my cat tree. I want to tell you about my cat tree and when I first got my cat tree and how important it is to me..

first cat tree

First off this is my very first cat tree that dad built me. I was only 9 weeks old here but I knew I loved it when I first sat on it. I grew up and I got a little big for it so I got a new one. I think it important to have a cat tree because I for one call it my own and two it is fun to run up and down one or drop toys off of it. They are great exercise for me also and exercise is a very important part of my daily routine.

cat tree peek a boo

Or play peek a boo on the stair of the cat tree. I would really advise someone to get one for your fur babies I think they would be very thankful that you did get them one . I am very blessed to have a dad who made me one and very thankful he thought of my happiness…., Purrr…

playing in tree

besides a cat tree is soft and fuzzy and easy to play with toys on.

tonge out

A happy cat will let you know he or she is happy either by purring, sticking there tongue out while playing or let you give them tummy rubs you might even gets some smooches from them.


you can also hide when you don’t want a bird to see you,,

unusall cat trees

I guess what I’m saying all cats need their own cat tree and it can be really unusual cat tree it doesn’t have to be a true cat tree. Just keep in mind a cat just wants something that they can call it’s own and something they can hide and sleep and have hours of fun on it too.Angel’s Eyes: My cat tree is Important! I am right about this because I am a cat even though I do act like a little human at times…

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41 thoughts on “Angel’s Eyes: My cat tree is Important!

  1. lydiaa1614 says:

    My “Monkey” has a small tree that she uses mostly for scratching but also does play with and on it a lot. She also has a fairly large one that is right by the window so is great for looking out at the birds and squirrels. Her toys are stored on the top and she loves to bat them all over the place just to see us pick them all back up. Sometimes the dog “picks it up” which translates to it basically being gone LOL! Her food dish is up on the windowsill so the dog can’t get it and so the tree is also a way of getting to her next meal. Monkey would be lost without her trees. Thanks for a very interesting read!

  2. coffeegrounded says:

    I wish I could dedicate one room of my house as a cat jungle. With three cats, it is necessary that we replace our trees every two years or so.
    I’m so happy your dad built your tree(s).
    You are a very beautiful cat, by the way.

    • Angel's Eyes - Persian says:

      Thank you, I understand about replacing the cat tree Angel did wear out the one dad build but still does play on it so we just put it in the office. She really enjoys the cat trees so it’s hard to get rid of the old one. I imagine with 3 cats your cat tree gets a workout!

      • coffeegrounded says:

        Shredded and half the carpeting is barren.

        One time we were actually able to repair one by hot glueing new rope to the worn areas, but we had to leave it in the garage for a few days to allow the smell of glue and rope to dissipate,

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  4. lawjic says:

    I think the cat likes the wine rack better than the cat tree!! Please don’t open a bottle or Fred might want to try it out. Right now HIS Cat Tree is VERY important and is making him PURR—that is MUSIC to any cat lover’s ears!! Enjoy your cat tree, Fred. You are gorgeous!

  5. Robin says:

    Your daddy must really love you to make such a wonderful cat tree for you! I really hope to get my kitties a cat tree (or make one) one of these days. I think they would love it just like you do.

  6. saymber says:

    My cats have always loved their tree too but as they are now little old ladies the top two bunks don’t get used because it’s too far to jump with arthritis. I wonder if they make senior cat style trees with steps? I’ve never thought of it but if there isn’t I think it would be a popular item with cats living longer (indoor cats.)

  7. Robin says:

    Such a beautiful cat and a fun story. I love the last photo. We did not build a cat tree, but we purchased one and it was quite expensive. We also invested in many toys and scratching posts, etc. Our cats could have cared less. They liked to find their own places to climb and hide, and make their own mischief. Sadly, both have passed; but, Tibbs was a purring machine and he knew lots of tricks (he was smart and the sweetest cat), while Ashley loved to curl up with his people (he thought he was in charge, but he was super loving and lovable). My cats favorite thing seemed to be chasing a laser light around the room.

    • Angel's Eyes - Persian says:

      Thank you Robin, sorry for your loss. I also lost my other cat Nakita last year who slept in my bed for 21 years and Angel doesn’t sleep with me. She started to but at 6 months she became independent. So I really miss that cuddle time. I hope you will be able to have another special kitty you really sound like you enjoy them and adore them too.

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