A new sister… oh boy, here we go again!

The first meet A while back I introduced you to my new sister “Amy Pond, The Cat who waited”. After all the trouble I had with Amy, I promised myself: “No more new sister”.

We had a stray cat wandering around here and he was badly wounded. Mom caught him and would take him in house to heal him and he would be my new brother.

Mom named him Rory Williams, The Last Centurion. Now, anyone who follows Doctor Who, know what happens: “Rory dies, Rory always dies”. Our Rory underwent the same faith.  The vet tested him to FIV,  Rory was infected in a bad way. While he was asleep, we decided to let him go.Rory Williams, Badge

Mom and I were devastated. We were hoping that our gang would have a new brother, it didn’t work out.  Mom feelings for a new feline friend didn’t stop and the search for a new member for the family started. It had to be a homeless kitty from a shelter.

I pointed to the male felines, mom started to look for female felines because my granny told then we would have 2 brothers and sisters. I heard it with horror. No, sister, don’t do that to me ever again.

So the search for a new sister began to my horror. I heard my mom and granny talk about “candidates”. Then it went silent, no more searches. I was thinking that “They gave up”. Oh boy, I was wrong. One day mom went with her dad on a road trip. When they returned they had a “Big Surprise” for me: “Fientje, my new sister”

You know, it was the day before Halloween, it was the worst Halloween in my life… A new sister, how could my mom betray me in such a way. Knowing the nightmare Amy was. I still can’t believe it. She looks like a witch, don’t you think?


This is her second day, what a catitude! The look on her face: “This is my place, bow for your queen or you will regret the day we first saw each other”.


I know what she is thinking here: “Look, I’m a good looking girl, that is why I’m in charge now…” You know Fientje & Amy both attitudes give a lot of firework in the house…

She even got her own sleeping basket from my granny! We are not allowed to touch it, although when she is not looking I eat the white stuff from her basket it helps me with hairballs.


Mom installed a new game on her Ipad for us, Paint For Cats, it is awesome. I have to admit Fientje has a great talent for painting. I should take her to Picasso, to get her some lessons.


This is my favorite artwork from Fientje, do you see the purple kitty in the painting? I think she has some hidden talent.


I have to admit, she is nicer then Amy when she started to live with us (Don’t tell my mom or even Amy). She is a bit silly, she has mom and granny at the paws. Who can be mad at such a silly face?


I hope you all liked the introduction of my new sisfur. At the end she is awesome!

Billy The Time Cat
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