Oliver & Nubia: Painting by Carol

Hi everyone,

We had the honour to have Oliver and Nubia painted by Carol. If you haven’t seen her Blog before check it out by clicking here.


Aren’t the two adorable?

Carol is currently featuring art for loads of guest cats! So check out her Blog on a regular basis to see more fantastic cat drawings. 🙂



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37 thoughts on “Oliver & Nubia: Painting by Carol

  1. What lovely paintings! I’d love to see my cute little self in a painting!

    💚 By the way, I received the package you sent me today!! Oh MY KATS! I WAS SO HAPPY! THANK YOU!😺

    1. Ah!!! That answers the question I asked in the other comment haha. Glad you got it 🙂 hope you loved the fishy and didn’t steal the keychain of your mum 😉

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