Mews: How to be a cat! ;)

Hi everyone,

In case your cat doesn’t know HOW to be a cat here are some cute and funny cartoons to instruct him / her. 😀 These have been posted on Facebook by How 2 be a cat.

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How to be a cat 1 How to be a cat 2 How to be a cat 3 How to be a cat 4 How to be a cat 5 How to be a cat 6 How to be a cat 7 How to be a cat 8 How to be a cat 9 How to be a cat 10

So which one of these has your cat mastered? 😀

For more fun cartoons checkout their Facebook page by clicking here.

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149 thoughts on “Mews: How to be a cat! ;)

      1. I know… They didn’t mention the weaving in between their human’s legs when human is not aware… Causing accidents either!!! He’s champion at that!!!

  1. The cat on the car for sure, and the “when you pat me, I’ll move just out of reach to make you move” and then it starts all over again.

  2. Drink water from pots that are soaking…. eat the roses your human gets for her birthday. open all doors… sleep on the couch in a group so no room for humans… kill the toilet paper roll and the paper towel roll… rub against your mommy so she can’t walk…

  3. Reblogged this on realnrawreilly and commented:
    I absolutely love this!! Super cute and very true. Crazy cat lady (like myself) always gets a huge kick out of funny blogs like this one. Thanks for sharing, this was a must re-blog post. Hope you don’t mind.

      1. They hate it, when they cannot come with me into the bathroom – and they have a shy bladder every time I accidentally walk into my third room with the litter boxes in use.

  4. I am remembering these things very quickly now that Oscar has joined the family. Kittens have soooo much energy! Suzanne
    from Angels~ They Say Its Time.

  5. Very cute 🙂 Mine have most mastered except the toilet paper and they can’t sleep on the car because they are indoors.

  6. One that was missed….head butting my hand when I’m trying to type on the keyboard of my netbook. He thinks my lap is his private property.
    Of course the minute I log out and put the computer away he changes his mind.

    1. Hey thank you so much! 🙂

      Sorry for the late response but %$£^$%&^%$^& wordpress decided to mark this as spam LOL. I shall follow you on Pinterest and G+ 🙂


  7. Haha! I’m not sure if my cat is a real cat.

    I DID myself trying to reconcile this: why is it that I always wear black leggings and love cats, yet they don’t come to snuggle and say hi as often as I would like? I really don’t mind their fur all over my legs.

  8. I think you missed out the game of hide the poop.
    Today it was hide the poop in the ash bucket.
    An important part of being a cat is to occasionally leave a little present for the slaves to find.

  9. Ours have mastered the art of fighting with the pen you are using, as well as resting comfortably upon the page you are trying to read….and they are not easy to fool. Looking at a diagram on the other page does not divert them one iota…

  10. I shared this link with a friend because I thought it was funny and have now been banned from sending them anything cat-related.
    Mike said, “You are going to have to stop sending cat stuff. Or I need to put a password protector on our computer. I think our cat saw your email about, how to be a cat.
    Neve had our cat shredded the toilet paper rolls. Now it has happened 3 times since your email. Coincidence? I don’t think so. She had to have read your email. What a little devil.”

  11. Those are all so true! I have 5 and I find it almost impossible to do ANYTHING without some cat interference or without having to stop, pick up, cuddle and kiss and then gargle with some coffee to get a hairball out of my throat 🙂 And I love every mad moment… Definitely following your blog, thanks!

  12. My brother cat Benji (who is a Bengal) has mastered the Flying Bladder Pounce. He waits until our humans are all on the verge of sleep…and then…WHAM! I have told him that this is not polite, but he doesn’t listen to me. He also likes to open the cabinet doors and slam them shut. 🙂

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