Angel’s Eyes: A Box can make you Smile

Hello again, If you have a moment I would sure like to share with you what a box can do. I know you already know that a box can hold stuff like soda like this box I’m in now. But they can be used for all kind of things.

story 2 in a box

I have one use for boxes and I think you might like it better then putting your things into it. First off you can play inside one or put a toy inside it and I could get it out ,but that is fun for me and I’m talking about you. I need to stay focus because I get excited about boxes. I can easily get off track. I apologize.

box story

Staying focus,, Meow,, Promise,,,, I turn around in my box so I can see you . Anyways boxes make me happy and I think if you are having a bad day you can get into one or if it’s not big enough you can put it on your head or over your head, what ever makes you laugh. That’s the point just to have fun with it and enjoy.

box story

So I guess what I am trying to say is that boxes can really make your heart sing and not to just use them for your things. If you are having a bad day and you don’t have a box you can have mine.

box story

I may look funny in my Dr. Pepper box ,but I’m having fun doing it. Just remember I have plenty to share if you don’t have one… .

in the box

I’m going to go play now… Have fun!

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Angel has a big personality with a big heart. She was born September 24, 2013 in Chicago. She is very smart and learns anything by showing her once. She has won 12 photos contest and also has done advertising for pet tags for A Pets Life. She will play with any toy and would make a great product tester for toys.


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61 thoughts on “Angel’s Eyes: A Box can make you Smile

    1. Thank you! Glad you liked angel’s post 🙂

      Sorry if you saw the other post this morning btw… that’s not due to go live until the evening! Seems like I had fat fingers scheduling LOL

  1. wow you are a kitty with a good taste, boxes are great and to pick a tasty Dr. Peppers was the right decision ( wish they had a lite version too, my momma always swoons when she reads about the calories, butt anyway it’s tasty and some days scream for a cold Dr. Peppers)

    1. I love Dr . pepper boxes mom loves the soda but dad likes Pepsi but I won’t play in Pepsi boxes and mom thinks it I just like the red color because I only play with red and pink color balls also. Does kitties know color? Well Angel has proved that they do.

  2. what else to do with boxes? You could juggle them. Or kick them. Bite into them. Burn them. Stack them. Paint on them. Cut them and make some funny card-board toys for your cat. You could even try to dissolve them and make paper machee of them.

          1. I lost the second cat I got with my tom 2011, far too young to die, not even 6. Since the tom was so lonely and complained to me when I went to work, I got him a new one. Very shy at first and very wary of humans she is now affectionate and adventurous. And my tom is happy again.

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