Mews: The top cat names in the UK REVEALED #infographic

Hi everyone,

CATS Protection did a Cat name survey recently and have shared their results in this fun infographic.

Top cat names infographic

Infographic credit

So what is the name of your cat? 😀



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83 thoughts on “Mews: The top cat names in the UK REVEALED #infographic

  1. niasunset says:

    My cat name is Surya… it means sun in Tibet… I was writing my story book while my cat came to me (as a gift) and I decided to give this name because my book’s name was Surya too… But I also call her, my Princess… 🙂 Thank you, love, nia

    • Marc-André says:

      Does he ever give you the look of why human are you giving me silly nicknames?!? Nubia did that when i started calling her poopsy after going to the litterbox 10 times in a row just to dig up the litter and spread it all over the floor… Nickname has stuck and she is not pleased at all lol

  2. Veronica says:

    I chose biblical names for my fur babies who have passed now – Joshua and Jonah. They were black cats and their names just seemed to negate all those crazy superstitions. ?

  3. weggieboy says:

    My first cat was Freckles, a little grey tabby girl. Her successor was Louis James (went by “Louie”, was named after Louie Armstrong, a personal Jazz favorite of mine and because Louie was a Jazzy cat!). My current cats are Andrew James (after the patron saint of Scotland, a nod to my family origins and Douglas James (another Scottish name and, coincidentally mine as well — this is a family in-joke as in “He’s not a junior because his middle name is James and mine is not.”). All my cats have the same middle name if they are boys because I like the name James and because I love the “James the Cat” cartoon you folks used to have over there. Freckles predates that practice of giving family names to cats or she might have been Freckles Isabella. LOL!

    • Marc-André says:

      I shall have to check out that cartoon now! My partner is scottish btw hence why my last name contains Runcie 🙂 we went for double barrel rather than loosing a name! Do you like Jazz in general or just that particular one? We went to see a NY jazz group live Jane Monheit 🙂 and thanks to a funny co-incidence got to see them backstage! (We were the only not japanese people at a concert in Tokyo – kinda stuck out like a sore thumb!!! 2 heads taller than the next tallest person lol)

    • Marc-André says:

      Darcy that reminds me of a fantast book i was reading! And i do like the name kitten as long as it is a girl. Our boy Oliver was named kitty when we adopted him. He was most pleased that we insited to have his name changed on the vet passport 😉

  4. mvaden1948 says:

    Of course we know that my companion is Diavolo (devil in Italian) he is black with a small white bib. He’s called that because he is such a handsome devil. He is sometimes addressed as Mr. D or Signor D.
    Before him was Lili (black and white) and her mom Nissana (named for a kind, shape shifting witch cat in a book I had read). Lili was actually named for Liliuokalani the last queen of Hawaii but her name wouldn’t fit in the vet’s computer system (and he had trouble pronouncing it).
    I have had a variety of cats with a variety of names over the years including a Siamese mix named PITA (for Pain in the A** because he was so mischievous).
    Great post by the way.

    • Marc-André says:

      Don’t you think its amazing how computers still can’t cope with the length or sometimes special characters of names??? You’d think we would have learned this lesson by now lol. We have this issue all the time with my names XD

      • mvaden1948 says:

        I was a case manager in the Public Assistance (Welfare) office with a large refugee population….from all over the world. Yup, the computer could not cope. It did not help when parents did not write their children’s (or their own) names the same way twice as the eased into society here and started to learn English.
        Jose never had the accent in the computer. And my computer gets confused when I try to type in Italian.

  5. mpmckibbon says:

    I had cats called Smokey, Cinder, Cinderella, and Pusspuss. The cat our family had when I was a teenager was called Bibby because of the white bib of fur he had on his chest. I’d love to own a cat now but every one of our children is allergic to cats, so I can only admire them online. I think a great name for a female cat would be Ophelia. Hamlet would be good for a male, don’t you think?

    • Marc-André says:

      I like Ophelia and Hamlet :). And my best friend’s husband is allergic to cats but they found out thst russian blue are fine wfor his allergies! Something about their dander being different – or so she tried to explain me. 🙂

  6. KaboodleMum says:

    My daughter is called willow! None of my cats are on there though 🙂 we have Dee (we use the spelling dee, but it should be DU because its black in welsh and shes alll black) and Dot, who is Dees sister and she has two spots on her leg, and last but not leadt we have Soup! We call him soupy (toddlers influence) and i call him soup-ilicious because hes my gorgeous boy, the only boy of the family except my partner! He’s so ginger he even has ginger eyes!

  7. Karen B says:

    My first two Tabbies were called Sergei and Nina, and my two cats now are called Otto and Josef. I always spend a long time getting to know the cats so that their names suit their personalities.

    • Marc-André says:

      That’s a good idea about getting to know them before naming them!

      Oliver lucky agrees that the name we chose on the day we met him suits him as he actually listens to the name and comes dashing if called. 🙂

  8. TheDailyScrap says:

    The cat in today’s post is named Brett Favre, after former quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. Our Favre was initially labeled female, so I called “her” Megan (Mee-gan). But upon returning two weeks later for “her” boosters, the vet apologized and informed me that Meegan was actually a male, a common mistake when they are so young (He found us on a rainy day, not weaned, and had been attacked by something, with injuries to his tail and larynx.) So, to make it up to him for being called a girl for two weeks, we gave him a manly name. 🙂

  9. summersrye says:

    Love this post, always interested in names. I get lots of opinions on the names of my kitties. I had a black shorthair for 18 year named Pepper. Had a smoke tortie that I lost way too soon named Autumn Raine. I have ten-year-old tabby & white Maine Coon Muldoone, ten-year-old dilute tortie shorthair named Whymzie Belle because I was in whimsical mood when I adopted her. Nine-year old black shorthair named Kryshnah Shae because she is dark and delightful (normally). Newbies are two year old smoke tortishell longhair Aspen and her one-year-old daughter tortishell longhair Avery Faith. Most folks like them and some they are just too unusual. Not sure if they mean the cats or the names.

  10. andromeda65 says:

    Mine are….. Ginger, Sandy, Coco, Choco & KitKat. The kittens are….. Junior, Jerry, Joey, Zara, Zen & Pixie!!!! (Coco is the only one name on the list!) But thanks for the name list, I can still look at changing some of the kitten names since they are only a month and a half old! 🙂

  11. The Rogue says:

    I have 2 cats that are both male, Oswin and Rory. Ironically they were both named after characters from Doctor Who. Oswin was supposed to be a female…but I like him better as a boy. 😉

  12. Jackie says:

    My profile photo is of the delectable Roxy – but she was a rescue cat and already had her name when we got her. Our best named cats were twin white kittens, Tut and Kamun, dating way back to my childhood and named after the Egyptian king Tutankhamen. Sadly we lost (I mean literally lost) Tut fairly early on and Kamun continued well into old age all on his own (well not completely on his own as we also had Purrse who was unrelated both in name and genetic background). The problem here is what happens when you give two cats names that match and then continue with only one – I’m sure others have had this problem too.

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