Guest Star: Seamus & Angus

Hi everyone,

Today’s guest post comes from Nani human servant to Seamus & Angus:

We are Exotic Shorthaired Persian brothers from the same mother and father,  born a year apart and almost identical in coloring but not in temperament.

Hi, I’m Seamus and I am the oldest and I do most of the posting on our Facebook page.  


My full name is  Sir Seamus O’ Blarney and horrors….the humans often shorten it to Seamy.   I was born on June 22, 2013.  I consider myself a serious, dignified older Scottish statesmen who must keep the younger interloper in check and train him up.  I had to wear a cone of shame for the first week he lived with us because I didn’t like him and kept trying to get him to leave but now I realize he’s my responsibility.  I don’t like blankets or store bought toys but do have one fishing pole with a dangling fuzzy object the humans call Gary that I am inordinately attached to.  I spend a great deal of time grooming Angus and cuddling with him… mainly just to make sure he stays out of trouble but also because he’s warm  and he looks just like me so it’s like giving myself a bath too!

Awkward christmas photos 121414

Hi, I am Angus and I am the one Seamus calls the little hairball and I love everyone and everything!!!!! My full name is Lord Angus Wellington but the humans keep calling me Gus Gus.  I was born on June 6, 2014.  I love cuddling with Seamus and chewing on his ears and tail.  I love snuggling in Poppa’s red beard (he’s Scottish too) and on Mama’s lap.  Basically I just don’t want to be alone! I love all my toys. I have a large blanket that Mama will bring out in the living room and I will pull it with my teeth and stretch it out over the floor.  It’s adorable…and so am I!!!


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We hope you enjoyed their guest post and are looking forward to more posts from cats around the world here at Katzenworld!



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45 thoughts on “Guest Star: Seamus & Angus

    1. I was wondering the same and apparently the two don’t mind at all! When again they live somewhere cold and only have the jumpers in the winter time. I wouldn’t try on Oli as I am sure I wouldn’t survive the act LOL

    2. Why thank you Miss Yvonne! You are most kind. Mama did dress us up in Christmas outfits for some pictures but most of the time we are indoor kitties and let our own Ginger gorgeousness shine! ❤

    1. Oh you are so nice!!! I think Mama and Papa might be upset to have us gone but we appreciate the kind thought anyway!❤

  1. hi, I am the mother of Gussy3rd. Gussy is great furiends with these two adorable creatures on Facebook. Seamus and Angus you are the best!!! Please come and visit him too on for his antics.

  2. Oh you two are just so handsome and what great sweaters that you have. You look like you do enjoy life to the fullest and that is good. Love the pictures.

  3. Clothes on but noses off? Judging from the diligence with which my cat sniffes out his little world again and again I just hope one day the breeders see the light that cats need their noses.

          1. A friend of mine, when he comes around with his wife and a friend for cooking, always puts off his shoes – and my cats “bathe” in those …

  4. I have been friends with Seamus and Angus on Facebook for quite a while and love following their antics. They are such handsome boys! Thanks for telling us a little more about them.

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