Mews: Simon’s Cat creator picks up some feline facts with Cats Protection

Simon with Yoda- pls credit CP Library

Hi everyone,

Please find below the latest press info from Cats Protection who recently had a visit of Simon’s Cat creator in their National Cat Adoption Centre in Sussex.

The award-winning creator of the acclaimed Simon’s Cat animations and books got some tips from real-life moggies when he visited Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Centre in Sussex.

Simon Tofield spent a day meeting cats and staff at the centre in Lewes Road, Chelwood Gate, as part of research for his upcoming animated short film Off to the Vet.

Since first appearing online in 2008, Simon’s Cat has attracted a worldwide fan-base with a series of short cartoons and books charting the antics of its title character.

Off to the Vet is a special 11 minute episode and the first Simon’s Cat film to be produced in colour. Due for release in 2015, the film will focus on the much-loved moggy’s hilarious attempts to avoid a dreaded trip to the vet.

Simon said: “We know cats can be pretty cunning when they don’t want to do something, so I was interested to talk to Cats Protection about their experiences and find out what owners can do to minimise stress surrounding a visit to the vets. It was very funny to hear some stories about how cats had tried to outwit them! All the same, it’s sad to see so many lovely cats in need of a home, especially as they have so much fun and companionship to offer.”

Simon will be posting a video about his trip to Cats Protection on the Simon’s Cat YouTube Channel later in November.

Chatting to Simon were the centre’s vet Emily Billings and Behaviour Manager Nicky Trevorrow, whilst unwanted puss Yoda, who was brought to the centre with his companion Padme two weeks ago, muscled in on the action and took part in the filming.

Nicky said: “It was lovely to meet Simon and we’re grateful he took the time to find out a vet’s perspective. Taking a cat to the vet for check-ups and vaccinations is an essential part of protecting a pet, but all too often it can become stressful for both owner and cat.”

Simon, Nicky, Emily - pls credit CP Library

(Photos were provided by the CP Library.)

For owners struggling to get their cat to the vet, Cats Protection offers the following advice:

  • Ensure positive experiences when kittens are young. Get kittens used to having their body examined by gently touching their ears and looking at their teeth, much like they will experience at the vet

  • Make a cat’s carrier feel like a safe space. Choose a sturdy basket so there is no risk of escape, add a blanket which smells of home and consider using a synthetic pheromone spray such as Feliway® which can have a beneficial effect in calming cats

  • Have a prompt, stress-free journey. Take an old towel to cover the cat basket while ensuring that the basket still gets sufficient ventilation.

  • Take care in the waiting room. Cats prefer to be up on high rather than being on the floor, so place the cat basket on a table or on your lap, and try to sit away from dogs if there isn’t a separate waiting room

For further advice, please visit where there is a leaflet entitled ‘Your and Your Vet’. To find out more about cats at the National Cat Adoption Centre that are in need of a new home, including Yoda and Padme, please call the centre on 01825 741 330.

If you like Simon’s Cat don’t forget to check out our previous post around their Kickstarter Campaign for Off to the Vet btw! 🙂




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19 thoughts on “Mews: Simon’s Cat creator picks up some feline facts with Cats Protection

  1. franhunne4u says:

    Strange, that the owner of several cats still does not have the slightest cue how to pick up a cat – for (insert swear word of choice) sake – put your (in this photo) right arm under the hind paws, so that the cat has a base to balance on while you are holding the cat with the other hand … *sigh*
    Bin ich jetzt wieder zu überkritisch deutsch?

  2. weggieboy says:

    I leave the carriers out, with the doors open. Each has a blanket or pillow in it, and my cats are in the habit of taking naps in them. The intent of this was to let them “stink” up the blanket and pillows with their scent and to feel comfortable when placed into the carrier for trips to the veterinarian or groomer.

    It isn’t a perfect system, but the last time I needed to locate both cats for transport, I found one in a smaller carrier I use when transporting just one cat instead of two.

    It was the was the easiest “capture” yet, and the cat wasn’t so stressed out when I put him in the second carrier as he was the time before, when I chased him all over the house before I finally cornered him. LOL!

    • Marc-André says:

      XD. Luckily both of ours love cat carriers and exploring the vet practice lol. Only if they see the lady assistant they know that something else than the general check-up is happening and get defensive lol

  3. ahhsioux says:

    A little, ooooh lah la, I can’t get past the picture… #smok’n!! Very nice AND WUT WUT ?? No beardo?? Has the fog lifted? Holy Shit, what year is it?

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