Mews: Cat Behaviours Explained – infographic

Hi everyone,

Today we have a special infographic on Cat Behaviours for you. This one has been kindly provided to us by Sainsbury’s Bank.

Ever wondered what your cat’s body language and other behaviors mean? Look no further it is all here in a fun and informative way! 😀


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78 thoughts on “Mews: Cat Behaviours Explained – infographic

  1. The only thing they got wrong was purring – because cats purr too, when they feel pain. It is comforting for them – and some say, purring has a vibration that adds to the healing of broken bones.

    1. This is true about purring when in pain. I worked for a veterinarian, and a cat that was hit by a car came to us. The cat started purring, even though the damage was irreversible, and the vet said that cats will purr to release endorphins to make themselves feel better.

      1. Thank you for making my opinion stronger by facts. I hesitated for a moment if I should provide a link to make clear it’s not just an idea by myself. Then I thought, I could also do so if challenged. Of course, that makes my cat purring out of nowhere sometimes a little scary. I start wondering, if she has a health problem – when all she wants to communicate to me is that she wants more cuddles, to release more endorphines.

          1. It’s hard to know sometimes. I have 10ish, but 3 are soft ferals and don’t come inside. Then I have a feral cat colony off in the woods. Plus I work for a boarding kennel and take care of cats there, and I volunteer at the local shelter.

  2. Hi Marc-André,
    I have always wondered about the slowly closing eyes. Now I know. I love cats, but can’t have one because unfortunately all my family are allergic to their dander etc. I will just have to enjoy them through your blog. Thank you for following my blog also.

    1. Most welcome Mollie and thank you for following us. 🙂

      And allergies are awful 🙁 my best froends boyfriend is highly allergic to cat dander as well but it turned out that russian blue cats are ok for him as their dander is different!

  3. Ah yes, behavior # 10. My younger cat brought a gift last night. He’s trying to teach me how to hunt all right, but he’s perfectly happy to eat the cat food I hunted out for him.

  4. Oh, now I understand why Miss Kitty does posture number 8 when I come home! I’ve had others cats but none of them welcomed me by showing their behinds. Thank you for this helpful chart and for stopping by my blog.

  5. They didn’t mention the incessant miaowing my half-Siamese does. It sounds a lot like my teen-age daughter on the phone. And makes as much sense. 🙂

  6. I have one cat who missed being a stray. He climbs the door frames when he feel especially antsy. I have another cat who cries for milk and will come get me when she thinks her litter need to be cleaned.

  7. You nailed all the faces and positions of cats, my kitty is so funny, plays with the dog and me as well.

    Thanks for the like, I look forward to seeing more stuff here. Drop by my blog and leave a Glimpse of cats, would love your input. Keegan at

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