Guest Post: Blaze – Blazing Blind Trails

This is my story.

Not much is known about me. I ended up in a wire cage in a high kill shelter. I was actually being “fostered” if you can call it that. I was housed in a trailer and a lady came in and fed us and took cats out as their number was up. It was an awful place with about 100 cats inside and out. It stunk and was not very clean. My mommie (typist) was told that my eyes were removed when I was young but she believes they had been done not too long before as she feels they healed all the way after she got me. I was a year and a half and my number was almost up and when she saw my picture she said “oh heck no!” She called them that day and told them to put a hold on me and she would be up the next day. She drove the 200 miles each way to come save me. I was such a good boy the whole way home!

When I got to her house, I had my own room, with a bed, a closet to hide in and my own special bowls for food and water. I was so scared because I didn’t know where I was but she would come in and spend time with me every hour or so and after a day I felt safe and I liked this lady a lot.

Everyone kept telling my new mommie she needed to leave me in my special room for a few weeks until I could get acclimated but I was ready after two days to find out what was on the other side of that door. Besides I knew there were other kitties there cause they would camp outside the door and talk to me. I wanted to meet them. Maybe they would play with me!

After two days she opened the door and said “have at it baby doll.”

She was told to let me explore one room at a time and when I was used to that open another room, but she knew that was not on my agenda! It took me two days to map out the whole house except the master bathroom and the kitchen. I didn’t want to go in there. It took me awhile but now after 7 months I go everywhere!


We have a screened in front porch and a screened in lanai in the back and I go out there all the time to feel the breeze on my face, sniff the fresh air and listen to the birdies sing their beautiful songs. My mom has a colony of feral cats and they come up to the lanai sometimes to say “hi.”

I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters. The two girls don’t like to be bothered but my brothers play with me all the time. I don’t like thunderstorms or loud noises so I have my hiding spots. My favorite is under my step stool and another is under the the stool at the breakfast bar. Mom laughs at me cause I’m hiding in plain sight but I don’t know that! Sometimes she will call me and say where is Blaze? After a few times I come running out like, here I am mommie. I am so happy now that I have a home with playmates, lots of toys and a mommie that loves me very much!

I am always exploring and leaning new things. I’m a little timid still about these new things but as time goes on I’m gaining more and more confidence. One thing I’ve become extremely good at is bug hunting. With my super sonic hearing, I can pin point that bug in a second! One of my brothers like to sit and talk to them. Not me, I like to catch them!


I want to spread the word that those of us who are different aren’t disabled, we’re just differently abled. I can do anything my sighted brothers and sisters can do and sometimes better!


To find out more about Blaze check out his facebook page by clicking here.

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15 thoughts on “Guest Post: Blaze – Blazing Blind Trails

  1. lawjic says:

    God will bless you for your exceptional compassion and kindness by accepting this truly beloved creature of God and taking Blaze in (blind or not) and making him feel loved and a member of a real cat family. What a sweet and beautiful animal. Its the owners who I am most impressed with; you are AWESOME to do this. Most people go for the healthy kittens and not a “different” cat with health issues in a high kill shelter. We need a million MORE of you!! You are the real rescuers! Thank you for all you do. Great post on the BLOG, Marc! ~Sheryl

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