Oliver: The cutest cat from here to Mexico!

That silly mouse from Mexico was yesterday!

Today it’s time for me your cute little Tuxedo cat – Oliver <3


Doing some cat-Yoga =D


Using that silly cube toy the humans bought as a pillow <3 (Much more useful this way than it being a toy don’t you agree!)


And a close-up sleepy picture just to proof that I am indeed the CUTEST cat from here to Mexico 😀 (And dare I say in the entire universe ;o?)

Signed by

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

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21 thoughts on “Oliver: The cutest cat from here to Mexico!

  1. He looks just like my first cat, Esme. She died in 2007 but she will always be the most wonderful beautiful cat …….. Maggie is the best cat now, but nobody ever forgets Esme. Maybe she’ll come back to live with me again ……… I miss her.

    1. Yes, he is adorable (sitting next to all that alcohol you imbibe), but no one is more cute or odd than Ms. Cali! Hey, if we didn’t say that about our own cats, their feelings might get hurt. Oliver and Nubia have more stuff than any other cat I know! On that, you are the winner, Marc! And, I think you always will be….SAW

      1. Haha! You spotted our collection of alcohol. The funny thing if it could go out of date it would. We hardly drink any but tend to bring back different ones from sifferent holidays. LoL

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