Mews: 5 Cats Reunited for the Good of All Cat and Humankind

Hi everyone,

We just came across this fantastic video with some of our favorite Social Media cats : Grumpy Cat, Hamilton the Hispter Cat, Nala Cat and Oskar the Blind Cat! 😀

They have teamed up for the below Cats Summer Music Video

For every video view, Friskies is donating one meal to cats in need around the country (up to 1 MILLION meals). Share this video and help shelter and rescue cats this summer! So share this with your friends. 😀



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33 thoughts on “Mews: 5 Cats Reunited for the Good of All Cat and Humankind

  1. mvaden1948 says:

    Thanks for posting this. I sent the link to all of the cat/animal lovers in my address book. We participated in the campaign at Christmas too.
    Imagine my delight that the when the shelter that received the food from that campaign was Purrfect Pals a no kill shelter in Arlington, WA that I have supported for years. Kinda funny that they had to take the shipment in quarters because they didn’t have room for something like 10,000 cans of cat food.
    Check them out at

  2. Pawcific Purrsea says:

    Friskies Grillers are yummy…mom got me a bag a couple weeks ago and I loved them. Today I found out that Grumpy Cat is at the Coquitlam Centre Mall here in my hometown!! Apparently they are filming him in something Christmasy and the mall is all decked out…keep an eye out fur it! =^,,^=

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