Jack & Vera : Small! Mischievous! And… CUTE :)

Oliver: So my humans went to see their friends a while ago to visit them and meet their new (at the time little) kitten!


Oliver: OMC! So jealous that little ginger boy climbed on MY human :O! His name is Jack btw.


Oliver: Got to admit though that he does look very cute…

20140709-143218-52338485.jpgOliver: Why does that blanket they are on look so familiar…. That is mine!!!!!! I want it back!

Nubia: Oli… You weren’t using it for months because you are way too big for it now… it’s kitten size

Oliver: Nubes! Who are you calling fat???

Nubia: I said BIG not FAT Oli =.=”

Oliver: Oh ok… but I still want it back!

Nubia: *Mumbels* Jealous brother… sigh

20140709-143217-52337979.jpgOliver: Ok they do look very cute together on there… The dark kitty is called Vera btw!

Nubia: Why do you never curl up like that with me Oli :(?

Oliver: Simples! You move and kick too much! :0

Nubia: Meany 🙁

Oliver & Nubia: More of our new friends Jack and Vera soon!

Signed by

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief



Her Meowjesty Queen Nubzilla the Disturber of Peace

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29 thoughts on “Jack & Vera : Small! Mischievous! And… CUTE :)

  1. Vera looks just like my “little one” here – lots of well hidden brown patches, which are only revealed by the sun – appearing nearly black all the other time. Can’t wait to see more of Vera than just her back.

    1. Haha. Indeed, that’s the problem with taking pictures of her. :). There will be more pictures of her and jack over the next few weeks. And I even managed to take some shots showing all her colours 😀

  2. Very cute we have lots of cats. Check them out on our blog on word press Dragons and wizards small worlds.

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