BOSS CAT! Confessions from the “Lost Cat” WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!

Dear Readers~
I have a confession to make. On the day of “Adventures in the car”, we actually traveled for 50 minutes away from home. It was a lovely sunny day. I saw a lot of amazing new things during the journey. ^^

There was a lot of scaffolding on the way! I LOVE SCAFFOLDING!!My humans would never let me go on any though…. We have some outside our house right now. I’ve been banned from going near certain windows T_T
I got treats and water at stops to prevent getting dehydrated, even in air-con. It was nice spending time with my humans while seeing the world go by. Each new area smelt different, some nicer then others, but I think I’ve picked up many new smells from that journey.
Anyways, upon arriving at our destination, I saw a HUGE BIT OF GREEN – the garden was MASSIVE. I got overly excited, and with my super boss strength, I dashed for the opened doors, pulling my human with me. Eventually, I broke loose and jumped over the fence to find more birds and grass! My humans were very worried, and shook my cat treats and called me to come back. BUT THE TEMPTATIONS! There were many birds I’d never seen or heard before! So I sat on the neighbours shed to look back and note where my humans were. After, I left them to go explore.
My humans started popping up in all the other gardens! They seemed to be exploring with me too, but strangely calling my name a lot… Shaking the box of treats… I didn’t want treats. I wanted to catch a bird. There were lots of small bird houses and feeders the birds seemed to be at.
I automatically went into hunting mode. It was like I unlocked a chamber of super cat instincts! I knew where my humans were, so I figured it was fine to play for a bit! =D
After some time, it started raining. I had to hide in another shed 4 gardens away from the one my humans were in. I saw my human “daddy”, but it was too wet to run to him. =(
Then, I bumped into another black and white cat, and decided to battle it out with this trouble maker appearing in my face. I’M THE ONE AND ONLY BOSS CAT! How dare it show me no respect! After that fight, the rain stopped. My humans were still calling me and running around in the rain, what maniacs …
The sun came out, so I decided to continue my bird hunt. After a few hours, I couldn’t hear my humans anymore. So I went back to check they were there. They were standing on metal things staring into the distance. I think the rain made them crazier …? After announcing my presence, we made eye contact and I nodded. Then went back to play. My human “daddy” then jumped over the fence and tried to catch me! I didn’t want to go back just yet! I hadn’t caught anything! This trip would’ve been pointless! =( Eventually, all I could hear were bird sounds. I couldn’t hear my humans shaking their keys, my treats, calling my name or their footsteps. I went back to the first garden I left from and they were not there!?Since I was in an unknown place, it wasn’t safe to sleep. I found some tuna left out in the garden though. That was magical. <3 I wonder why my dish was even there o.O
Night came, and I could see the bright moon. I wondered where my humans went, so I jumped over some fences and over a garage. I found a good spot under a car parked in a drive way.
Around 11 at night, I heard some of my humans walking down the street with some treats calling me. So I popped my head out. IT WAS THEM! ^^ They hurriedly picked me up, in tears while smiling… what was the fuss about?
I don’t get it.
They then shoved me in the cat carrier!! T_T I don’t like the cat box!! I can’t see where we’re going in it! And I hit my head on the top whenever we go over speed bumps. >< Anyways, since we had another 50 minute drive to go, I meowed non-stop and told my humans of my adventures for the day. They actually replied smiling! I think they’ve finally learnt to speak cat ^^ I explain how it was THE BEST DAY EVER! Being in an environment with so much green, so many weaker cats, and birds EVERYWHERE. After getting home, all the younger humans hugged me like crazy. It got annoying – I was STARVING! I then ate a whole pack of wet food and a bowl of dry food with plenty of water before knocking out on the sofa.


And there is my confession – with the happy ending included.
Thank you for reading!
Boss Cat – Snowball



Notes from Snowball’s owners:?This was probably the most traumatic experience we’ve had with him. Being so far away from home, it was super frustrating to all the family. Here are some tips on what to do when losing your cat. We are very lucky Snowball has a very playful attitude, so we just knew he’d sit and wait for us. Understanding your cats personality and daily behaviour is essential and will contribute more when deciding what actions you should take. Considering we knew he desperately wanted to play, and we had to go home to work, we searched for 5 hours before we /had/ to leave.


•    STAY CALM – the more agitated you are, the less work can be done.
•    If there are many of you searching for the cat, one person should stay where the cat was last seen.
•    If your cat is the shy type, he or she will most probably be hiding in some bushes or in sheds! They might be in a panicked state and will find places to hide.
•    Warn people in the neighbourhood.
•    Ask for permission before entering other people’s property
•    Shake your cat’s favourite treats (or keys) and leave his favourite food out to tempt him back. Your cat can smell a can of tuna from a great distance. You want them to react to familiar sounds and smells.
•    Continue calling their name. They need to know where you are!
•    Prepare leaflets and posters, state your cat’s key features and their personality. Be sure to leave a contact number!
•    If your cat has been missing for some time, local pet rescue centres, or charities may have picked them up.
•    Social networks! Get the news out there! Facebook and twitter to rescues and charities and communities in the area that may be help. The more eyes the better!
•    Microchips and/or collars are essential for independent animals like cats – that way, if your cat does go for an adventure, a local vet or animal shelter will be able to contact you immediately!

snowball-lost-cat(Example of Snowballs lost cat poster/leaflet)

Always keep the faith, If your cat has run off in an unknown place (e.g. visiting the vet, new house, etc), just remember they are alive and well. It’s worth returning to the area again and again. Your cat is not likely to get very, very far away in a few hours. They’re probably just being a bit too playful, being nosy and curious of their new surroundings. They will return. Cats are affectionate animals. They will come back to look for you even if they have to travel for miles! They have magical cat powers! ^^ Remember Homeward Bound?!?I hope these tips help those in need. Ideally, we at Katzenworld hope this doesn’t happen to anyone out there. But if the need arises, we are happy to help spread awareness.


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16 thoughts on “BOSS CAT! Confessions from the “Lost Cat” WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!

  1. thebluepolarbear says:

    very glad you got Snowball back – embarrased to admit at the moment am going outside with our small cat when hes outside – this is because one of our very loved previous cats was killed by a dog last summer that ran thru our garden and left our cat in the road outside without letting us know. the cat had just been sitting close to the house.

    • YuKi~~ says:

      Omg, that must’ve been a horrific experience! I’m so sorry to hear that. I’m not surprised your walking your cat right now, snowball can protect himself and run from dogs fast enough but my other cat mao has no chance really. It’s never a bad thing to be more cautious when it comes to the safety of your pet. I’m glad your letting them get some fresh air 🙂

      • thebluepolarbear says:

        thankyou Yuki for understanding. We are encouraging him to climb trees, hes a bit of a monkey. But its hard to get over what happened last year because it also upset my son a huge amount. Our vet says, so long as we know the problem is ours and commented its a bit like mum and dad accompanying junior to a rave

        • YuKi~~ says:

          It’s completely understandable. We’ve bumped into many people who are completely against walking cats but the fact is its not exactly safe living in an urban environment. We need to be responsible too. And you just gave a perfect example there! =D it’ll probably take some time for your son to get over, just tell him to stay strong^^ if you want you can email us for a guest post? Promoting walking cats and making people more aware of the safety of our pets~

          • thebluepolarbear says:

            Thankyou Yuki… can i think about this, think what i really need is how to overcome my own fears that history will repeat. he is not a streetwise cat althou for us, its the country – but problems here are different, apart from dog walkers who just let their dogs off the lead, unmuzzled and almost think its sport – also end of beginning of day – foxes and cars that go so fast on small windy roads they couldnt stop in time. but often much damage is done racing away from these things into path f car or just getting lost

            We just walk with him but try and keep out his way while he explores – so we are there for safety – but agree it would be easier just to open door and leave him to it

  2. dianaroggenbuckebrown says:

    Wow that must have been very scary! I know that when my DT got out one night last year, when I was asleep my husband must have accidentally let him out when he went outside for a cigarette before bed, I was so scared when I realised he was missing. Thankfully DT is a real scardy cat and just spent the night hiding in the kids cubby house, he came out when he heard me calling him, he was really scared though spent the rest of the day sleeping, poor darling. Glad that Snowball is back safe and sound.

    • YuKi~~ says:

      Its actually a good thing to have a scaredy cat sometimes isn’t it? Or you’d have your cat going wild through the night like snowballs! Was a very exhausting experience! I’m glad a good old nap fixed dt though. =D

  3. sunsetdragon says:

    Thank goodness the boss came back to find his humans.
    Ty for the information on finding lost kitties.
    Ali si microchipped and never goes out but if she does we will use the tips you gave us to find her.

  4. Patricia says:

    Too scary. If that happened to Teddy I think he would be gone forever. He is so very timid and will not go near people. Sometimes he shies from me! So glad there was a happy ending for y’all.

  5. dezizworld says:

    OMC What an adventuwe. But dat wuld be vewy scawwy. <eez so glad yous and yous hoomans found each uddew and yous got safely home. Those awe fuw suwe sum gweat tips, but hopefully yous hoomans will nevew need them again. 🙂

    Luv ya'


  6. Boomdeeadda says:

    Delightful reading and I was frantic too. It’s stomach churning to have lost a pet. A cat I had years ago, once went on a two week adventure. After crying buckets of tears, he finally came home. The second time I wasn’t as lucky. Our kitties don’t go out at all. Petals is not interested but Blossum tries really hard to escape all the time. I’ve been thinking about a harness for walks but my husband doesn’t want to introduce it. Our vet says indoor cats live way longer, healthier lives. My neighbour thinks I’m mean. I wish we had a screened gazebo or something that I could take them too.

  7. Livie livie says:

    What a great story. I love the way you tell it. It gives me an impression that Snowball is a brave carefree kitty, and that is a good thing. And I’m glad it had a happy ending.

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