Nubia: Who is there?!?

I just heard someone downstairs! Time to catvestigate.


*Looks around*


Oh it was just you Oliver! And you made me go through all the effort of climbing down the stairs – you shall have to carry me back upstairs now. đŸ˜›

Signed by


Her Meowjesty Queen Nubzilla the Disturber of Peace


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19 thoughts on “Nubia: Who is there?!?

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    • Marc-AndrĂ© says:

      :D. There is a story behind her title. Every morning you hear a woomph as she jumps of her scratch tree. She when hops very noisily towards the bedroom each boomph followed by a meow before reaching our bed. She when meows more quickly and jumps straight up on us. Who needs an alarm clock? XD

      • angelatticus says:

        That is totally befitting of her most Royal status đŸ™‚ Yes when my human calls me in the mornings I used to sound like the pitter patter of tiny angels feet, now I sound like a baby elephant, i ambush with suprise jumping and extreme purring until my servant rises đŸ™‚ Bow and curtsy to his and her majesty đŸ™‚ Angel Atticus đŸ™‚

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