Mews: Kat Purroblems Amazing picture collection!

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People think we kats don’t have purroblems but that’s not true – we have lots of purroblems.  Here’s a few examples;


1.) Paying fur damages.


2.) Your soul mate turns out to be just a reflection.


3.) Waiting fur the litterbox to get cleaned.


4.) Over-stuffed kat trees.

5.) Stupid assumptions.


6.) Losing our nail files.


7.)  Unauthorized neighbors and creatures.

8.) Humans insisting on using the bathroom during our meditation.


9.) Reproductive issues…..


10..) Toy revenge.


11.) Obsessive kat bathers.

              / Photos from Pinterest /

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19 thoughts on “Mews: Kat Purroblems Amazing picture collection!

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    Hi there, fellow kitty cat lovers. Thanks for following my blog. I popped over to see what you’re up to here. Looks like fun. Don’t you just love Big cat and matching kitten? A-dorable.

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