Guest stars: Snugglefluff

My name is Snugglefluff! I can’t actually hear my name, cause I was born deaf! So, mommy likes to call me however she wants!


I live with Batman! He is a lildevil who keeps poking me, following me around and also photobombimg me!!


I love to lay on the floor and sleep… ^_^


I am a very patient kitty, so mommy can easily dress me up or put thingies on my head just for fun and photos, and I wont make a move!


I love it when mommy holds me like a baby! I always touch her face when she does and purrr everytime she touches me!


I need mommy to pet me on my back so I can eat! I never eat without mommy’s presence! If she’s not next to me to feed me, I keep following her around the house, watching her until she comes to feed me!


… and in the end of the day, I love taking poses in my bed !


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3 thoughts on “Guest stars: Snugglefluff

  1. TheCatssMeoww says:

    Awe, they’re so cute. I have a brown tabby (Bentley) that enjoys poking everyone and everything in our house. She is beautiful though. I love how clean white cats look & so FLUFFY! 🙂

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