Oliver: What? A hole in the ceiling???

So the other days my parents got this amazing climbing toy out of the cupboard!


Why haven’t I seen this toy before? It was so much fun to climb up on it…

But hold on what is that? Up in the ceiling!


There is a HUGE hole in the ceiling!!!! I wonder what that is all about :O! Will I find mice, bats or birds up there? Oh gosh there has got to be a whole new kingdom to explore and conquer up there. 🙂

Oh oh.. what was that noise…


Nooooo! The humans found me and managed to get photo evidence of me trying to get up there @_@”

Quick back down and escape! Time to go hide somewhere!!!! But I shall get up in that new playground at some point. LOL (Just don’t tell them about my plans! 😉 )

Signed by

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Maker of Mischief

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