Oliver: suitcases???

So this weekend just gone my humans once again decided to do one of their trips away.

While they make sure that someone looks after my sister and me I can’t say that I like them going away without taking at least ME along!

So I tried to apply my ninja skills and hide in one of their suitcases but for some reason they managed to spot this and made sure I didn’t become an illegal passenger on their flight ;(

On the other hand I love it when they return from their trips all around the world because they always make sure to bring loads of presents back for Nubes and me! ^_^

I just had to investigate what was in there this time before my human even managed to unpack it!


And us with our presents! I wonder if we will be allowed to eat them all at once? =D


Well I might not have been allowed to eat it all but sure tired after my evening snack. puuurrrrrzzzz

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Signed by

His Meowjesty King Oliver the Royal Feline

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