Big Norm – The Ruler of Bank Street

Big Norm, or BN for short, is a charming, affectionate young man who lives in Birmingham, England, with his two fur-sisters, Betsy and Pozzy. Although he is happy and loved now, BN didn’t have the best start in life, and was living as a stray in a car park before he was taken in by a local rescue. Fortunately, his time in the rescue didn’t last long and it was around three years ago that BN moved in to his fur-ever home with his mommy and daddy, Caroline and Scott.

BN truly ruled the roost on the idyllic Bank Street, with all the local kitties treating him with the reverence that a kitty of his caliber deserves. The rumors surrounding BN’s wild activities on Bank Street are many and varied, some claim to have seen him making friends with a red fox, others have outed him as the ringleader of the local kitty fight club, but (of course) he refused to comment on that.

BN letting the kitties outside know that he is still the king of Bank Street

Things took a turn for the worse when in early January 2017 he was diagnosed with intestinal lymphoma and also tested positive for FeLV, meaning his that his days as the feline potentate of Bank Street were over, as his health has led to him having to stay indoors.

BN enjoying his 4cats valerian toy

As I’m sure you all know, being a house cat doesn’t mean that a kitty can’t live an exciting life full of joy, happiness, and fulfillment. BN, and his sisters, are lucky enough to have parents who know that it is of paramount importance to fill the house with toys. When BN was presented with toys from the 4cats valerian range, he loved them!

BN modelling the 4cats valerian cushion

If you think your cat(s) would enjoy some valerian- or catnip-induced bliss, the Katzenworld shop actually stocks a range of 4cats toys.

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Stavros and his nip adventure

Stavros is my cat, he is a sullen, silver boy with the most charming personality. Over the past two or so years that I have owned him, I have tried all manner of toys and nothing seems to pique his interest, he seemed to ignore catnip, having a small sniff before carrying on with his business. He’s not a miserable boy, he will snuggle if he has to, and he loves a bit of fuss, but present him with a toy and you’re sure to be greeted with a derisive scowl.

I like to think that this lack of interest is because he is a sophisticated feller, I kid myself that his human counterpart would be a multilingual, Nobel prizewinning physicist with a penchant for the finer things in life, whereas the truth is I’m just the owner of a slightly grumpy boy! So I am sure you can imagine my delight when I found a catnip toy that he just couldn’t leave alone.


When i introduced Stavros to the 4cats catnip pillow the results were unexpected to say the least! As you can see he was apprehensive at first, but soon the ‘nip took hold! He was rolling around, dribbling and purring without a care in the world. I’d never saw him behave in such a way, I saw my grumpy man turn into a playful kitten before my very eyes!


When Stavros began to relax he wouldn’t let me get anywhere near his new favorite toy, my grumpy boy was back! It’s safe to say that he loved his experience with the 4cats catnip pillow, I’m happy to have finally found a toy that he loved, and and am over the moon now that I know what to get him for Christmas!

If you think your cat(s) would enjoy some valerian- or catnip-induced bliss, the Katzenworld shop actually stocks a range of 4cats toys.

Stubbs: Moggy Mayor of Talkeetna

The town of Talkeetna is a nondescript backwater nestled amongst the many rivers and lakes of Alaska, there was not much that attracted visitors to this tiny town, aside from Stubbs the cat.

The story of Stubbs’ stupendous rise to power begins on a cold evening in 1997, when supermarket manager, Lauri Stec, found Stubbs amongst a box of kittens that had been seemingly abandoned outside of her workplace, she was instantly drawn to Stubbs on account of his missing tail. Shortly after his rescue the residents of Talkeetna expressed disdain towards the human candidates of the upcoming mayoral election, and came together to collectively nominate Stubbs as a write-in candidate. Surprisingly Stubbs won, and following the establishment of an unofficial mayor’s office in the supermarket, went on to spend 20 years running the town.


These years were far from colourless and although Stubbs often enjoyed the finer things in life, such as daily visits to a local restaurant to drink catnip laced water from a wine glass, he also had more than his fair share of upset. One evening whilst enjoying his nightly stroll through town, Stubbs was attacked by a large unleashed dog and received severe injuries, including a punctured lung and a fractured sternum. That wasn’t going to stop Stubbs though, he made a speedy recovery and was soon back in his makeshift mayor’s office ensuring the well-being of the town.


His unusual role meant that Stubbs was a major tourist attraction and drew visitors each and every day all of which were hoping to ‘see the mayor’, he also found himself the recipient of countless pieces of fan mail despite the very obvious fact that cats cannot read! Sadly on the 21st July, 2017, after a joyous 20 year tenure as mayor of Talkeetna, Stubbs passed peacefully in his sleep at home with his owners. That might not be the end of feline rule in the town of Talkeetna however, as Stubbs’ owners have since quipped that another of their kittens, Denali, shares a temperament identical to that of Stubbs’, and might just be ready to take up his mayoral mantle.

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