Research on Cats’ Body and Head Rubbing Behavior: Help Needed!

Research into cats’ body and head rubbing behaviour. Your help is needed!

In one way or another, our cats all leave their marks. Some cats urine mark, especially if they haven’t been neutered or they scratch. These behaviours are well-researched, mainly because they are natural cat behaviours but many humans find them problematic.

A lesser researched area is the behaviour of body and head marking. I’m sure you’ve seen your cats do it as well. If your cat has a favourite spot then perhaps you’ve seen brownish scuff marks on it. They may also rub their bodies along your legs.

Partially, it may just be that it feels nice for cats to give themselves a bit of a chin or cheek rub. However, it is also a more subtle form of communication between cats that we can still learn much more about.

As a cat behaviourist I am interested in all forms of communication between cats and have decided to focus on the subtle form of body and head rubbing specifically.

My first piece of research will focus on cats’ personalities and body or head rubbing behaviour. If you want to participate then please click here. The survey will open in a new window.

A few cats ‘caught in the act’

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