Weekly Cat Word Puzzle

Hi everyone,

Welcome to a new regular feature of cat puzzles!

You can print the below Picture off and see if you are able to find all the feline-friendly words in the grid!

I hope you’ll have loads of fun with this one.

Looking for the answers? Never fear you can find them here! But don’t spoil the fun… try and finish the puzzle before revealing the answers!

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Cat Word Puzzle

  1. franhunne4u says:

    DEWclaw – I have issues with that. First – it is written incorrectly, the first W is too much. And then … no, your blog should not promote declawing! That is a No-No. You do not amputate your cats first parts of their paws just so that your couch stays unharmed and you do not get the occasional scratch on your hand. If that bugs you, do not get a cat, but leave the cat alone.

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