Nubia: The Panther and the Tunnel

Hi everyone,

It’s Nubia here. 😀

Since normally my brother steals the fame today it will be all about ME and ME only.

Oliver: *Whispers* She sure can be full of herself…

Nubia: I heard that! Out of my post now!


Nubia: Today I am in charge of this tunnel! 😀 It’s pawesome to hide in.

Nubia: I am almost certain the humans can’t spot me…

Nubia: Nevermind! There they are…

Nubia: But that’s ok! I’ll just look pretty instead. 😀

Nubia: Camera, Camera in the human’s hand who is the prettiest girl in the whole world? 😀

Nubia: All this having photos taken has made me sleepy…. See you again soon!

Signed by,

Queen Nubzilla Disturber of Peace

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