Cat Fencing For Bengals

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The beautiful Bengal cat is one of the top favourite picks for a family pet. This highly intelligent breed often turns heads due to its unique markings!

One of the defining characteristics of the Bengal is how agile this breed is, and for being strong and muscular.

A concern we often receive here at ProtectaPet by Bengal owners is how can the ProtectaPet system hold up with this powerful breed? Let us tell you how!

ProtectaPet have developed a range of cat containment products to keep cats contained in the garden. The ‘Bengal Bend’ on the ProtectaPet 70cm overhang fencing bends in such a way that it is extremely difficult for even Bengals to climb over.

The majestic Maine Coon is one of the most recognisable breeds in the World. Hear from other Maine Coon owners about how to keep this beautiful breed safe and protected! < The majestic Maine Coon is one of the most recognisable breeds in the World. Hear from other Maine Coon owners about how to keep this beautiful breed safe and protected! p>We also offer Catio‘s which are fully enclosed with galvanised and black powder coated steel for integral strength and durability.

Hear What Fellow Bengal Owners Have To Say:

(All reviews can be found on the ProtectaPet Trustpilot page, click here for more!)

“We initially contained one half of our garden for our two Bengal’s to enjoy but during lockdown decided to overhaul the other half to open it up to the boys. Having used a system from a different company before with so many kitty escapes we took the decision to try ProtectaPet. Brilliant! We have been so pleased and have now removed our wooden roller system to continue ProtectaPet around the whole garden. We know Bengals are agile and cunning but by goodness!! They’re astonishing! We made so many modifications to the wooden roller system and it repeatedly failed us. The rollers are a good system but not for the crazy Bengal cat. They’re relentless in their mission to explore. So far the ProtectaPet system only let us down twice and this was our own fault. Keeping trees and shrubs trimmed back is key. We have allowed some plants to grow along the net but it needs to be kept close to the net. We also had to knock snow off last winter – no big deal. The ‘Bengal’ bend in the brackets is inspired! We have confidence in this system.”


Fantastic customer service and great product-our large bengal has already climbed the mesh of his catio and it held his weight no problem and have confidence it will continue to keep him safe and secure in his catio.”


Superb service from start to finish, very friendly people and a fantastic job, our Bengal cat can no longer scale our 6 ft fences and we now have peace of mind in the garden.”


“A most excellent company, the delivery was so prompt, a brilliant product, we have installed all around the garden the cat netting now our Bengal can not get out , so he’s free to roam the garden.”


ProtectaPet Fencing Brackets

  • Designed and Manufactured in Britain
  • Patented technology and optimum aesthetics
  • Minimal maintenance and long life in use with black gloss powdercoat
  • Bengal Bend on the 70cm overhang
  • ProtectaPet® logo as a marque of quality

ProtectaPet Cat Mesh

  • Exclusively manufactured for ProtectaPet, the mesh has been designed specifically for keeping cats in safe outdoor territories
  • UV stable polypropylene with high tensile strength for longevity
  • Designed to flex to create instability if your Bengal attempts to climb it
  • Unobtrusive
  • Superior quality designed specifically for cat safety

Keep your Bengal cat safe with ProtectaPet.

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