Cat Fencing for British Shorthairs

This article first appeared on ProtectaPet.

The British Shorthair is known for being stocky, solid and muscular. Often cat owners will choose to keep this beautiful breed as an indoor cat as cat theft becomes a growing concern in the UK.

Recent research has proven that indoor cats once given outside access show improvement with maintenance behaviours such as thirst and hunting behaviour. It’s no secret that fresh air and being able to fulfil instinctual behaviour has a positive impact on your cats wellbeing.

But for such a sought after breed, it is no surprise that for many cat owners, allowing their cat freedom outside just isn’t worth the many risks such as road accidents, theft and territorial disputes.

ProtectaPet have developed a range of cat containment products with powerful breeds like the British Shorthair in mind. The first prototype was designed for fellow strong breed the Maine Coon, so the protection of large and strong breeds is integral to ProtectaPet systems.

ProtectaPet Fencing Brackets

  • Designed and Manufactured in Britain
  • Patented technology and optimum aesthetics
  • Minimal maintenance and long life in use with black gloss powdercoat
  • Bengal Bend on the 70cm overhang
  • ProtectaPet® logo as a marque of quality

ProtectaPet Cat Mesh

  • Exclusively manufactured for ProtectaPet, our mesh has been designed specifically for keeping cats in safe outdoor territories
  • UV stable polypropylene with high tensile strength for longevity
  • Designed to flex to create instability if your British Shorthair attempts to climb it
  • Unobtrusive
  • Superior quality designed specifically for cat safety
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