Zeldas little sister – Welcome Toffee!

A few months ago we were searching for a sibling for Zelda.

Like a lot of other cat-parents we think that you can’t have an “only child”; especially, if the cat only lives in the flat and does not get a chance to meet other cats in the neighbourhood. Sure, there are exceptions but many cats really want a sibling.

I was the contrast of my significant other and he was SO calm during the search. I was SO excited and wanted a little sibling for Zelda ASAP. After his approval for a second cat, I began the search immediately. There were a lot of kittens I liked that he didn’t and there were many cats we both liked, but they were promised to other cat-parents.

Afterwards, it was the best thing that could happen because we were able to meet our little sweetie (Zelda’s soon to be little sister). Two days after the first contact with her original owners, I was allowed to meet her. If we had been even just a minute later someone else could have gotten her as the lady received a call while we were there asking about her. This must have been destiny! <3

The following pictures show you Zelda’s little sister on the day I met her the first time. I was instantly in love with her.

The weeks until the arrival of Zeldas little sister were SO long. I couldn’t wait for Toffee to join us. At home Zelda welcomed me at the door. There was no chance to sneak past her with her little sister! She followed me at every step and so I let her sniff and look at the transport box. But then Toffee got a little time without Zelda to explore the living room. She was not interested! Instead of this, she was sleeping in the box and purred for the first time.

A short time after the little power nap she sneaked through the room and didn’t let herself be disturbed by Zelda, crying behind the door. (But MY heart broke at every single sad meow …)

Although it is better to separate the cats at the beginning, I couldn’t stand by Zelda’s crying. After a few hours, I let her in. Zelda wanted to meet her little sister Toffee.

But at this point I want to advice against early meeting between cats, due to the fact that first meet and greets do not turn out well.

Zelda wanted to defend her territory, but there were also quiet times and Toffee needed these times to relax. At the first evening Toffee was always by her red baby towel.

It changed when Zelda often appeared next to the bed with her cute paw. Toffee decided it was time for a new sleeping place and stole Zelda’s cave.

Toffee is a cute fur ball and often wants to cuddle, if she is sleepy. <3 (Don’t look at me, I had a cold.)

For a little while they were noisy and often growled and hissed at each other, however that soon changed as they drew closer to each other.

Galerie 7

Everything was in Zeldas view. 😉

Galerie 8

Of course there were one or two setbacks, although a few days later it was SO quiet in our home and I thought something terrible must happened. I sneaked in the living room and saw our little princesses:

Galerie 9

We were on a fantastic way! <3
unfortunately the little girls get themselves and the flat very dirty as a result I had to bath them. The result you can see here:

Galerie 10

And here you can see more pictures of our beautiful fur babies. <3

Galerie 11

Best wishes,

Ann-Kristin with Zelda and Toffee

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6 thoughts on “Zeldas little sister – Welcome Toffee!

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  2. Kyra - Simplicity's Journey says:

    Toffee is such a sweet girl! I love the photo where she’s curled up in a little ball. She is so cute. I hope Toffee & Zelda can grow close and get along really well as time goes on and the get used to being together. Take care, Kyra

  3. zodiacimmortal says:

    Oh Cuddles to Toffee and thumbs up on the name! My Nuggit and I extend our welcome and love. Man I thought nuggit was fuzzy when she was little (but then I got her when she was tiny and likely a few days old.

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