Tips & Advice: Is your cat in pain or sick?


Hello everyone,

So, poor Oli had to spend a night at the vet recently and as we didn’t immediately know that he was in pain, we thought it would be a good idea to share these tips – some of which we found on virtuavet – with you.

5+ Signs A Cat is in Pain:

  1. Behavior change. Noisy cat is quiet, vice versa.
  2. Hiding, withdrawn, reclusive.
  3. Sitting hunched with back arched, paws gathered under the body, nose resting on the floor, eyes closed.
  4. Purring does not always mean a cat is happy! Some cats purr to comfort themselves when they hurt.
  5. Distant or faraway look to the eyes; the cat may be thinking about internal pain, instead of paying attention to the external environment.
  6. Trembling of the body / back
  7. Shaking paws rapidly
  8. Attempting to run away from the pain

5+ Signs a Cat Might be Sick:

1. Eating more, less, or nothing. If your cat refuses food for 1 – 2 days, seek help from a veterinarian immediately – as well as being a symptom, this can cause additional serious problems.
2. Vomiting.

Dr Truli summarizes recent thinking in feline internal medicine, “Vomiting hairballs is not normal for cats! Veterinarians used to believe hairball vomiting was a normal cat function; vomiting is abnormal. Something is wrong; see your vet!”

3. Drinking lots of water (More than your cat’s regular amount!)

“Cats were desert animals thousands of years ago. They usually drink very little compared to dogs.”

4. Weight loss. This can be difficult to notice when you see your cat every day.

Look for: bony hips, spine prominence, shoulders visible, ribs visible, temples atrophied and gaunt-looking.

“If your cat is not on a weight control diet, and his or her exercise has not increased significantly, then weight loss is a sign of illness.”

5. Diarrhoea, coughing and/or sneezing. Yellow or green discharge from anywhere on your cat.

6. Signs of pain as above.

Get your cat to a veterinarian you trust with cats! It’s always best to get your furry friend to a vet as soon as you can – don’t delay if you are not sure about their health.

See How to Tell If Your Kitten Is in Pain for more pictures, and symptoms to watch out for!

If you have any tips and advice to add to this post, please leave a comment.


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