Mr Ringo Interviews Larry the Downing Street Cat via Zoom!

Mr Ringo: ” Meowsers! Larry, can you hear me? I can’t see you? Can you see me? Can you smell me?”

Larry: “Hey Ringo! Yes I can see and hear you but you can’t smell on zoom silly!”

Mr Ringo: “Hi Larry! How’s it going up there?”

Larry: “Not too bad dude all things considered, what with living with the two legs with Mad Hair, a baby two legs, that cries more than me and a DOG!”

Mr Ringo: ” How is Mad Hair these days?”

Larry: “ok but he changes his mind more than us cats, and he really needs a good groom, why can’t two legs groom themselves like us cats?”

Mr Ringo: “Oh meows! Tell me about it, some good whiskers coming on in this house too”

Larry: “Word on the street dude, is the price of organic catnip is going to rise with all this Brexit stuff, might even be a shortage!”

Mr Ringo: “Oh Neow!!!!”

Larry: “Yes and my PETition to get free cat flaps in every home, has due to cutbacks, gone out the door with the used litter! Not that I need a cat flap as I have staff to open my front door!”

Mr Ringo: “Yeah but you are making some progress with the plan to make microchipping cats compulsory! Tails up to you dude!”

Larry: “Thanks Mr R!”

Mr Ringo: ” Hey Larry apart from Palmerston the cat, any trouble from new Moggs on the street?”

Larry: ” Hiss meows yes! One called Rees the Mogg, I’m feeling territorially bothered by him! Can’t put my paw on it, but he’s on my patch and I’m the only Mogg in No 10!”

Mr Ringo: “OH no! You must warn Mad Hair soon!”

Larry: “Latest mews is that the two legs are not all going to get their jabs! They should be so lucky, its free and at least they don’t get it in the neck, like we do!”

Ringo: “Yes its purrfect and we get them out of our house and our territory back to normal”

Larry: “Meowsers to that Ringo!”

Mr Ringo: ” Ok Larry we better finish now and let you get back to sleep or controlling No 10, or the front door at least !

Larry: “Ok meowsers out!”

Mr Ringo: “Meows!”

Have a great April 1st everyone! Love and purrs Mr Ringo & Rachel xx

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