Working From Home: What’s in it for Cats? A Return to Lockdown Looms for Matt and his Purrmanently Startled, Internet-Famous Cat, Curious Zelda…

On their friendship…

Matt: It’s a lot more give than take, but Zelda’s cute so she gets away with it.

Zelda: I’ve always maintained it’s best to avoid friendships with your staff.

On life in lockdown…

Matt: It’s nice having a cat’s company while I work from home, although Zelda can be distracting.

Zelda: The human requires round-the-clock supervision. I don’t like micro-managing him, but his productivity is poor.

What’s your morning routine?

Matt: Wake up, feed the cat, go for a jog, shower, have breakfast, start work.

Zelda: Wake human up, eat, shower, snooze, shower, throw up breakfast, start work.

On sharing a workspace…

Matt: It’s going well. I set up an office in the spare room and Zelda spends most of the day on my lap, desk or keyboard.

Zelda: Disastrous. Since he invaded my office my productivity has plummeted, and I’m barely getting my 18 hours of sleep.

What’s going well?

Matt: Lockdown has helped us become closer than ever.

Zelda: I’ve noticed that I get a lot more treats and belly rubs.

What isn’t going so well?

Matt: I think Zelda may be gaining weight

Zelda: I’m still always hungry

Any annoying habits?

Matt: Zelda has taken to jumping on my desk immediately after using the litter tray.

Zelda: How long do we have? I could write a book about this.

Most memorable moments?

Matt: I was on a zoom call with the entire department and Zelda took over from me by staring directly into the camera.

Zelda: April 7th, 3.30pm, partly cloudy – I had the most wonderful nap.

How has your relationship evolved?

Matt: Zelda’s a lot more vocal with me – she loves the extra attention she gets!

Zelda: The human is getting way too clingy.

Have you discovered any new hobbies?

Matt: Baking and DIY. I’m terrible at both.

Zelda: I’ve been writing poetry

What if there’s a second lockdown?

Matt: We need to stay positive and try to embrace whatever happens.

Zelda: I can’t take much more of this.

Finally, your top lockdown tip…

Matt: Regularly check in with friends & family, even if it’s just a quick text message.


If you’re out of pasta

Or if you’re low on rice

Adopt a shelter kitty

And they will bring you mice

Curious Zelda shares her unique advice and poems in “The Adventures of a Curious Cat”…

The Adventures of a Curious Cat is published by Sphere and is out now in paperback.

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7 thoughts on “Working From Home: What’s in it for Cats? A Return to Lockdown Looms for Matt and his Purrmanently Startled, Internet-Famous Cat, Curious Zelda…

  1. Rohvannyn says:

    That’s great! Good for Zelda. I’ve been working from home since late February – and raised two kittens during that time – they regularly join me on Zoom calls and try to type for me. They won’t have a clue what to do when it’s just them and the spouse at home and I’m back at work.

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