Events: Scottish Fold at the National Pet Show

Hello everyone,

While we were at the National Pet Show last year we had a good luck around the cat zone and spotted some of the most unusual cats! 🙂


One of these cats was a Scottish Fold. This particular breed is called a fold because of the shape of their ears which look folded over.


Of course, this little one was just as playful as other cats!


One thing to note is that ethical breeders will have far less scottish folds with folded ears as they’d be breeding one with folded ears with one without folded ears to minimise the risk of further genetic mutations. If you are interested in a Scottish Fold always ensure you go for a breeder from TICA, GCCF, WCF, Fife, CFA or a local reputable organisation.

Have you seen this breed before?



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7 thoughts on “Events: Scottish Fold at the National Pet Show

  1. retrodee says:

    Yes! When I was a kid, my Dad’s friend had 2 Scottish Folds. They were mother and daughter. It was the first time I’d heard of the breed. They didn’t want to go outside and they slept a lot. They were really cute and lived to be 25 years old!

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