The Friday Art Cat: Oliver & Nubia!

I’m getting back into chalks and charcoal and having fun working on mid-toned paper.  I thought an interesting challenge would be to draw the Katzenworld clowder, one kitty at a time.  Nubia was first.  I may have to try to draw her again sometime, as I don’t think I quite caught her “Nubia-ness.”  Then again, I picked a tough challenge there.  Black cats are indeed unique, especially to the humans they own, but the differences can be very subtle.

Oliver was easier to draw and his cute pose was just irresistible to me.  I appreciate the chance to draw these to pretty kitties!

I really need to work on capturing the glisten of light on black fur.  I haven’t quite got it yet but I’ll keep trying!  If you want to see my progress on this and other forms of art, check me out at or

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3 thoughts on “The Friday Art Cat: Oliver & Nubia!

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