Reality of a Homeless Cat, Spud!

We all know life for some kitties is difficult, some are born homeless, others were thrown into it by previous owners and then there’s some that have run away and became homeless.

When my mums moved into the house they are in they, realised there was a few homeless kitties around! As they have been homeless themselves they understand the struggle. Except for cats, there’s really not much that can help them if they are in

The reality of a homeless cat is bleak. Kitties do not choose to be homeless! Sometimes it’s down to humans and sometimes by accident.

My mums have been feeding a few homeless kitties for years!

They have named them appropriately either by their looks or personality. Unfortunately, there are some kitties with homes that eat their food. We have tried to stop this but we cannot.

The kitties that are homeless are scared of humans! They run at the sight of one, even if that means running into the main road without looking.

The good thing is, is that these kitties will have water and a full tummy. Food is out 24/7.

We had a shock a few weeks ago, it upset us all!

A kitty my mum feeds turned up at our door and didn’t move. It wanted help

Mum1, quickly realised this kitty had severe skin injuries and the kitty was limping.

My mum’s got my crate, rang the vets and rang the RSPCA and got the kitty the help it desperately needed

The RSPCA has since called him Spud. He was such a beauty and still is, but he’s got a long way to go to get his wounds healed.

He didn’t mew or hiss, it would have hurt him so furry much

He is 100% re-homeable, he is so lovely and he came to mums door knowing they will help him.

But we know this isn’t the case for all of my fur friends that are homeless. They die a painful death or go around with severe wounds and are in extreme pain.

We can only wish that one day no fur will EVER be homeless.

Spud will now have a life he deserves with love and care.

We found out that Spud is about 4/5 years old. We found him in a bad state on Tuesday but on Monday an elderly woman who used to let him into her house had died that day.

Then Spud turned up at our doorstep!

Mum1 promised Spud that she’d help him.

I want to raise awareness of homeless kitties and the reality of it.

I’m furry grateful I have a forever home with my mum’s. Others are not lucky.

Some good mews is Spud is doing well, mums also feeding a fox which came with a kitty mums feed (they have named the kitty Scatty). They also feed a few hedgehogs. Mums do get shocked when looking out their window in the middle of the night to find anipals eating that are not kitties.

Thank mew for reading!!

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