Birthday bumps for my 4th!

I cannot believe I’m now 4 years young!!

It was my birthday on the 23rd April, and oh boy did I get spoilt.

I expected chicken, which I got but a chicken with a candle in it OMC! ?️?

Of course, I expected to be treated like a king. However, my mum’s say I’m always treated like a king! ??

Mums had a dilemma for my presents, basically what to get me. So, the asked my fur friends and humans.

I have so many toys my mums also found some they managed to donate to a fur that needed them and deserved them.

Can you guess my present out of the above picture ???

I was so furry excited!!

It arrived in a huge box!! I enjoyed that box so, much! Then I enjoyed this cardboard relaxer. I adore it!

It’s replaced my smaller one which has been moved to another part of my kingdom.

My humans say I’m getting to be a big boy but a good boy too. The older I’m getting my behaviour is getting better too.

I’m not attacking my mum’s as much meow.

I do have a new habit which is watching birds ?? on mums mobiles before I go to sleep. It’s an impawtant part of my sleep.

It’s my mum’s birthdays in May, with mum1 being 30! She now says she’s halfway to 60! ??

Also, it’s my mum’s wedding anniversary too, May is a busy month!

Mum1 bought a Chinese Elm bonsai tree near my birthday, I seem to like brushing up against it. It’s funny when the leaves come off due to me doing that. ?

While I’m 4, it still will not change my humour ?!

Thank mew to all for sharing my birthday. ??

Some more impawtant mews, the neighbours with the dog have moved. I’m now fully in charge of the back gardens! That dog was a silly dog after all!

I have to be the king of my kingdom after all!

Now it’s getting summer I’m out on my leash a lot more. I love it! I eat the grass a lot and roll around.

It’s furry exciting when I see a bird or flies!

Thank mew for reading!

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15 thoughts on “Birthday bumps for my 4th!

  1. Léa says:

    Please forgive me. The Bard, William Shakespeare, is celebrated on 23 of April.

    The Grande Dame, Simone, will be six on the first of June. For her, that means the human will have to cook some chicken and with two other felines, we must share… 😉

  2. catladymac says:

    Houdini, you sure had a great birthday ! You are growing up to be a very handsome panther !

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