Love is in the fur!

I’ve got some pawsome mews to share with everyfur!

I’ve been single my whole entire life so far! Yes, i’ll be 4 on the 23rd April, I’ve told my mum’s that I’d like a girlfriend. I’ve had plenty of furs asking but I wanted a special girl in my life. She was one of the first to put her paw forward.

Shes called Tlitha shes a beauty! She understands the impawtant jobs I have!

Our first date was to Paris!

We had a pawsome time, drinking pawsecco and living the high life with catnip! I first met her on Twitter, she is stunning. Her green eyes, her fur is amazing!

She has told me she will be faithful and love conditionally. I of course asked her out infront of all our friends.

She said ‘yes’, it made me super happy! I wiggled my tail for a furry long time after! Of course, I decided not to make any corny comments. She is to be treated with respect!

Of course, my mum’s remain my best mum’s but my number one will be Tlitha. I have to say we’re taking it slow. Plenty of dates and first and foremost its friendship and laughs, your best friend should be your partner.

I’ll have to use my banana phone to ring her however, I have forgotten if she has a banana phone.

If any fur has and relationship advice please let me know. Id like to take her somewhere lease but unsure of the destination. We wont visit places that eat cats, I may go all panther on them!

For the moment I’m furry happy, new experience.

Thank mew for reading


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