When 1 cat became Several


Alot of humans ask my my mums feed the kitties in my street (they try to feed the homeless kitties but sometimes others are greedy!).

It all started with a kitty which my mums named ‘Blacky’, as the word states, hes a beautiful black kitty just like me, except I’m more handsome!

He is skinnier than me with a few war wounds and a broken tail that’s healed bent. My mums started to feed him when she noticed he was a bit worse for wear and he would only come out at night to feed. We never see him during the day.

So, then came the rest, Scrappy was next except shes just greedy and does have a home. She follows my mums! Except I dont like her nor any other kitty.

Then now, we have many many kitties. My mum says they must talk about it in the alleyways to where they can get meals 24/7.

The latest is Scatty, my mums named her this for a reason. She started coming here as a kitten, must be about 6-8 months old. Yet, she runs away at the sight of my mums and any other human near. She’ll run under cars and dart across the road just to get away. That worries my mums in case she gets hit by a car. My mum1 talks to her like she talks to me to ensure she knows that mums a good person.

Scatty will wait at the gate for my mum to put the food down. Mum1 ill then close the front door and Scatty will run down the path to go and eat the food. A few weeks ago Scatty actually left the gate, and stood behind mum1 meowing!!! Shes not done this since but its still a win for my mum.  Scatty ran away when mum turned to go back inside.


I do think no fur should be without someone to love, food and shelter. Unfortunately, I’m super territorial so, mum’s cannot get another kitty. Mum feeds alot of other furs, it does cost but the cost is worth it as their bellies are full. Mum is known in the winter to put hot water bottles out to stop the food from freezing.

This year my mums are planning to overhaul the feeding station with better facilities for the kitties.

My mums with they could rescue but knowing they are making an impact is good enough.

After all, my mum1 has been made homeless twice and mum2 once. They know the feeling of having no money or home. No fur helped them they had it the hard way, but they got out of the situation. Therefore, my mums want these kitties to know they are their and they are loved just like I am.


Thank mew for reading!

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