The PANTHER in me!

Every kitty has a secret. My secret will now be published on here furever!! It’s one I choose not to reveal however, it apart of me and feel it could help others.

As a kitty I was rather feisty and as I got older it got worse. A lot of humans told my mum’s to get rid of me. They didn’t and never dreamt of it, they kept me and I love them, as they love me.

So, I don’t scratch I bite. I bite hard to draw blood and leave a lines or holes, then run away and hide under the bed. I know I’ve done wrong and stay their for a little while before I come out to say sorry.

I have scared my mum’s arm so, much so, people think she self harms. But she just uses that arm to protect her face from me.

I can attack when my mum’s are in bed, if, I mew and they don’t listen to me then I attack. Sometimes I just attack for no reason! Mum1 thinks maybe, I think I am playing when I just jump and bite when mum’s are on the sofa.

Once I put mum1 in hospital. Everyfur in the street knows about my temper. So, one person who my mum’s do not know knocked on our front door with a kitty in her hands. WELL!!!! I went nuts! I caught mum1’s hand and ripped it open.

When Im out on my lead with mum2, I play up. She has to carry me back into the house with oven gloves. The neighbours think its funny! Mum1 takes no messing so, I’m good with her.

My mum’s think it’s the panther in me, it comes alive sometimes. After all we are kitties that will have the hunter instinct in us.

It sound so bad, and I don’t like talking about it but feel maybe there’s people out their with kitties like myself.

I have improved, my behaviour has became more manageable. I used to attack daily when now it maybe once a week or once every two weeks. My mums use scents for kitties. She uses Feliway or Pet Remedy which works for me.

Most importantly they treat me like a cat and not like a child. They play with me a lot and I have a catio to ensure I get all my energy out. They know my movements and know that if I swish my tail in a certain way that I am not to be touched.

While I am not the lap cat my mum1 wanted I am always her fur baby and she loves me unconditionally. With mum2, I’m her lap cat! They both adore me and treat me well.

They get offended by people telling them to get rid of me. They say I’m a living creature and I have a home with them furever. I am their responsibility and that’s that. They love me for me.

Everyfur isn’t purfect and I certainly am not. I hope I continue to improve and my mum1 has said that when I stop attacking them she will get a tattoo to cover the bite scars.

If, you have a problem with your kitty please do not give up. Time and patients is needed! Kittys are wild by nature however, humans domesticated them but some will always be more ‘wild’ than some. Please learn your kitties body language and your own. Provide plenty of playful opportunities.

Remember its ok not to have that lap cat that’s portrayed on TV and in social media. We’re all different and unique.

I don’t want to portray me as a bad, bad kitty. My start out in life wasn’t great and I’m learning.

Purrs and hugs to all

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11 thoughts on “The PANTHER in me!

  1. franhunne4u says:

    Your mums will have to result to a little, only a very little, violence themselves. Nothing serious, no harming you, but they will have to learn to snitch your nose when you are about to bite. It will hurt, but it won’t harm you seriously. And it is better than having a biter.

    My cat cannot bite me anymore (she never did before, but cause of an illness I had to let the vet take all her teeth – FORL ..) My now late Tom used to slash at me with his claws out. I took two fingers, with not that much energy, mind you, immediately to his back, just enough that he knew I won’t suffer that kind of behaviour. He jumped off then – and came back two seconds later. It is the way their feline moms teach them. Immediate reaction, and very toned down, too, we are so much bigger than them, we just have to make our point clear in “cat speak”.

  2. Manuela B. Bruschi says:

    My cat, Alex, is a lot like you. When he was little, now is 14, his preferite game was assaulting me till drawing first blood. Now that he’s older he’s calmer, just a little bit, but continues to bite and scratch me. He is very much a lap cat, but attacking is still part of his gaming routine. I volunteer at a refuge for abandoned cat and there’re people that ditch their feline friends if they are too aggressive. I don’t understand this attitude, for me its like giving back your adopted child if he or she doesn’t conform to your desire. So kudos to your mum.

  3. catladymac says:

    A thousand blessings on your Mums who love you so much and try to understand you . You are locky to have each other !

  4. Mollie Hunt says:

    You are not alone, little Panther. Read about Lux the 911 Cat who scared his family into shutting themselves in the bedroom and calling 911. After a long road, Lux is now happily outburst free and living in a loving home.

  5. The Hipster Kitties says:

    Charlee: “This is such good advice.”
    Chaplin: “We kitties do still have a wild streak. Some more than others.”
    Charlee: “Yes, for instance, Dada says I’m a domesticated little angel.”
    Chaplin: “And I’m apparently a little nut job. Until it’s evening TV-watching time, then I turn into a lap cat.”
    Charlee: “Just because you like the fuzzy blanket Mama uses at night.”
    Chaplin: “That’s a minor detail.”

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