Black Cat Myths and Facts (BUSTED)


We all know that there are many, many myths about us black kitties, this causes a negative effect on us getting adopted! I would like to debunk these and prove that actually we are just mini panthers who are loving just like any other kitty.

We have done some research on the myths that are out there in the world. We want to prove how pawsome and special we actually are and that no black kitty should ever be seen in a negative light.


Seeing a black cat from behind gives you bad luck – How ridiculous, who would want to look at my fluffy butt! Although I have to say I have a beautiful rear end! Bad luck is mainly created by yourself or other humans not us black cats!

  1. Black cats don’t show well selfies – Well, we do. Its humans who cannot take a good picture! Its all about the light and treats (mainly treats!).
  2. Black cat crossing your path is bad luck (in certain countries) – No, I have only provided pawsitive and amazing luck to my human. Actually she created her own luck herself! This was done through hard work and dedication! I’d like to say I had a paw in her success!
  3. We are Satanic – Last time I looked, I wasn’t. The only thing satanic about me, is the smell I leave in my litter tray with the present I leave for my mum to pick up!
  4. If you were seen with a Black Cat you were a Witch – So, this is what my mum must be! She puts chicken in her cauldron and when it comes out its super warm and extra tasty! She calls this ‘an oven’! On the serious note, my mum’s are not witches! You were deemed a witch if you had a black cat (which started in the middle ages), you were burned at the stake.
  5. We are sacrificed on Halloween – Unfortunately, this still happens and people hurt us, this is why on Halloween people need to keep their kitties inside! This leads back to the above numbers 4 and 5.

Unfortunately, with many of these myths, it’s caused many of my mini panther brothers and sisters to be killed and even humans! Still to this day black cats are killed due to myths, especially on Halloween.



  1. There are 22 different black cat breeds (Cat Fanciers’ Association)
  2. A lot of black cats have golden eyes, which is the result of high melanin pigment.
  3. A Panther is actually 2 cats. Panthers in the Americas are melanistic (black-coated) jaguars, while panthers in Africa are melanistic leopards.
  4. Black cats can go grey with age
  5. For a cat to be solid black, both of its parents need to have the ‘black’ colour gene. This gene is called Allele.
  6. Some black cats are tabbies in disguise. If a cat has the black Allele but the expression of a tabby gene isn’t completely represented. You might be able to see faint tabby stripes on the black cat. You maybe able to see this in the bright sunlight.
  7. Black Cat Appreciation Day is 17th August.


There’s a number of us on Twitter trying to change the way people perceive us and do this by raising awareness to dispel these myths that people still believe in. Such as PushkinPanfur (@PushkinPanther), who is one of many trying to change the world for us mini panthers. He’s also furry fashionable and handsome too!

Black cats are least to be adopted, so, let us all change the world together and be the change we want to see in the world.

Thank mew for reading!

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36 thoughts on “Black Cat Myths and Facts (BUSTED)

  1. Catherine Lingg says:

    What century are we in??? Myths are just that. Black is merely a color. People who hurt ANY animal is a sadists. Back cats are beautiful, sleek, silky creatures with jewels for eyes

  2. Neda says:

    My icon is the portrait I painted of my cat when she was little. She is dead now, but she was very lovely. (Sorry for my bad english, I’m italian)

  3. sevenroses says:

    black cats are angels and give me the most glorious poses and the best photographs. even my Nikon prefers black kitties over every other! those who hurt them should be banned from this planet!

  4. says:

    I love mini panthers have one myself I had two but one went to the big cat basket in the sky. Akasha her name was, she chose me, climbed over her sleeping siblings to choose me. I felt honoured. Everywhere I went she tried to come with me, even got into a slimmers club meeting to get to me. I Miss her Dearly, though I Love Claudia, my little mini panther and Salem my tabby cat.

  5. Authoress51 says:

    My first cat was black with a tiny spot of white underfur. She was affectionate and wanted to win Porno Cat of the month. Black cats are beautiful just like the one in this post!

  6. Vesta Hutton says:

    I love my black kitty and I loved my previous black kitty. Anyone who cannot see the beauty in a cat because they are black is missing out on some beautiful, loving and sweet fur babies. They deserve our love. Trust me, the love will be returned ten-fold.

  7. ajeanneinthekitchen says:

    I love black cats. You have seen and posted pictures of my current black panther, Nicodemus. She is my second all black cat, or panther as we refer to them. Dacono was our first, He died a few years ago of cancer. He really was a panther. He was huge for a cat. He was about 22 lbs and all boy.

  8. Asher says:

    I personally think black cats are adorable and was able to rescue one from our backyard on Halloween Night, if my sister and I weren’t home at the time, who knows where she could’ve wondered off to. Who ever said black cats are bad luck hasn’t met a precious piece of our hearts, they’re more than just luck. They’re a special cat! We didn’t adopt her from a shelter like most cat owners do, but we just ended up with a beauty of our own and still to this day, she melts our hearts out. From what “religon” others think black cats are, they ARE NOT a threat to the human race. They may look like a house panther and act like one, but it doesn’t mean they ARE A THREAT, towards you. Most cats who have both front & back claws will more than likely stratch you for a good reason, here’s a few of them:
    1. Being Skittish with no social or human interactions most of their life
    2. Having to run away/dumped in the middle of the road to leave them to die.
    3. A practice of “religon” to where you think these beautiful animals need to dead, because they look like a panther.
    All of these are more than likely practical and there will be those who practice a “religon” to kill black cats,

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