Size Isn’t Everything – The Boss

Cassie is small, she was the runt of her litter, a tiny snow bengal , but don’t make the mistake of thinking that her size makes her a push over! Oh no! Inside that adorable, cute little cat beats the heart of a tyrant. A benevolent one to be sure but one with an iron paw. She is known to one and all as The Boss.

the boss bengal cat print
The Boss – 20×16 oil on board

She is undeniably cute, (and she knows it) we are putty in her paws. Her huge blue eyes, appealing expression and wonderfully silky coat are guaranteed to melt any human heart. She gives the most wonderful cuddles and any human she sits on will feel very special indeed. In fact she is totally equipped for complete human domination. Any attempt to thwart her will and she just has to look at you with those wonderful eyes. Trust me, resistance is useless!

cassie on the table
Miss blue eyes lying on the table. She’s not supposed to be there but she looked so gorgeous I painted her as The Boss.

Cats however are rather a different matter. They don’t drown in those azure blue eyes or sigh while stroking her silky soft fur. And all the cats in the house are bigger than her and that includes the other two bengals, both boys and both double her size. And anyone who has lived with bengals will tell you they’re like living with the feline mafia. They have strong views and are inclined to enforce their opinions on other cats.

Ming the challenger
Ming occasionally feels the need to challenge Cassie

Ming occasionally feels the need to challenge her authority. This is always a mistake! Even if he’s taken her by surprise and he’s strutting around like conquering hero, we know what’s coming. There’s the sound of paws from the floor above, but not tiny velvet clad paws, oh no, this sounds like an elephant with claws! They get faster and louder, they hit the stairs and every human stands still (we’re not idiots) as she explodes into the living room at 100 miles an hour, barrels into Ming and there’s a sudden cartoon like cloud of fur, paws and screaming! Suddenly a terrified form streaks from the room heading as fast as possible for the cat flap and safety. And there is Cassie, elegantly washing a paw as if nothing happened. Authority re-established.

cassie and ming - peacefully sleeping
Peace is restored

Ming comes back later, when he feel its safe, curls up with Cassie and gives her a good wash. All is right with the world again. Until the next time he thinks he’s hard enough. It’s no wonder they are so inspiring to paint!

by Denise Laurent at The Painted Cat

instagram: @PaintedCatArt
facebook: ThePaintedCatArt

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