Unexpected Surgery!

Well, what a few weeks I have had! I cannot believe it myself!

Mum brushes my teeth, shes always done it since I was a kitten. She says its impawtant, I say its annoying! She was brushing my teeth a few weeks ago when all of a sudden my mouth was bleeding. She then let the bleeding stop and when she looked, she was taken aback by a hole in my tooth (it was a small hole).

2 months earlier I had my 6 monthly check up and was told I was ok, there was no hole, goes to show how quickly this develops! It did hurt when mum touched it! So, mum being mum got worried, she knew it was a condition called Feline Tooth Resorption.

Off to the vets I went! Then my lovely vet said surgery, which was booked for a week later! Oh My Cat (OMC)! I was thought, ‘my human has to catch me first, before I get in my crate!’

True to form, I hid and wouldn’t come out! Mum spend 15 minutes trying to get me and a further 3 minutes trying to get me into my crate. I wouldn’t come quietly. The last time I had surgery, I went in with 2 nuts and came out without them!

Feline Tooth Resorption is fairly common but extremely painful, luckily mum caught it early and saw it in time before it got worse. We would advice if, you don’t brush your kitties teeth to just look at them now and then! This would save your fur baby further pain.

I hid my pain so well, and it only showed when mum brushed my teeth therefore she knew there was a problem, combined with the blood and then the hole (which was the size of a nib of a pen).

So, surgery day came! We knew 1 tooth needed to come out but after X-Rays it revealed my 2 two upper right teeth needed to be taken too as the roots were bad (something that can only be seen in a X-Ray), so, a total of 3 teeth! Personally I thought they were stealing my teeth for their own gain, maybe my teeth are made of gold!

Surgery went well. Apparently I was a sassy kitty for the nurses and vet. I let them put the line in and then I went psycho. They had to throw a towel on me. Well, I felt violated, I wasn’t consulted!

I also popped my head out of the crate and they had to find a way to get me back in it! I’m not called Houdini for nothing, ha,ha.

We’re now a 5 days post op, after 3 days I had a check up, I hid behind the sofa. Does mum really think I’ll fall for this all again! NO to vets for me! Mum2 had to dismantle the sofa to get to me! I made them work this time!

I had to have antibiotics for my 2 upper wounds as it looked red and sore, I had to stop the pain medication due to an unfortunate side effect of the surgery medications and stress. My tummy still hasn’t settled but lest I’m not visiting my tray every hour so, I think I’m getting better.


I have to have a check up soon, I have no idea where to hide this time! My humans will know where I go this time! They have the upper paw!

I am grateful for my human spotting this but I don’t think I understand what is going on. Maybe humans should get a meow translator to consult me!

I would like to spread awareness of Feline Tooth Resorption, a quick glance at your fur babies teeth every now and then would certainly help. Remember we hide pain super well so, its not always obvious! I’m only 3.5 years old and if mum brushes my teeth and puts plaque off in my meals daily, I still got this, then anyone can get it. Remember you’re either lucky or you’re not, as, its not yet been established why us kitties get this condition.

Remember to look for: Pain (although this can be difficult), oral blood, hole in the tooth, you might see some tar and gingival inflammation, increased salivation or changes in food habits. Also your kitties temperament may change as a result of this condition due to pain.

I most likely in the future end up with more teeth being removed due to this condition, but least I know you all and all my anipals (plus humans) will be with my 100%.

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15 thoughts on “Unexpected Surgery!

  1. franhunne4u says:

    My then 7 year old cat had to have most of her teeth removed because of it! FORL, as it is known, is getting about 50 % of cats over a certain age. Thankfully my cat already was an indoor only cat and is not used to catching mice, as she would have trouble to kill them now.

  2. Shalini says:

    Awww Houdoni, you are so cute.. Hope you become ok soon. Don’t hide… Be brave… The docs don’t want to hurt you… They want the best for you as does your mummy

  3. jenbyjennifer says:

    I’m glad you are ok! My Archie had many teeth removed last year. I had no idea he was having issues until he started shaking his head. I was so glad he let me know! Be well.

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