The Handsome Mr Darcy

Last year Society Of Feline Artists member Margaret Slape-Phillips was accepted for the prestigious St. Ignatius College Art Show in Norwood (Adelaide, South Australia).  This exhibition is held bi-annually as  part of the South Australian Living Artists Festival which is an annual event.


Margaret entered several paintings of her feline family.  She has some very beautiful cats and one in particular, Mr Darcy, is a very handsome black and silver bi-colour Oriental.  Mr. Darcy is supremely elegant, charming and a heart stealer – but an ADHD personality. To watch him walking along the mantelpiece is like watching a train wreck in motion. You can only hold your breath to see what he will try and break next.

mr darcy by margaret slape phillips

As you can imagine both Margaret and Mr Darcy were both thrilled to be in such a wonderful art show and Mr Darcy in particular felt that he must be the star of the show.

mr darcy 2

So they were stunned when they discovered that his portrait had been chosen for the massive billboard advertising the show. The billboard was up in the eastern suburbs on a main road for some weeks to promote the event.  His beautiful big ears and gorgeous green eyes shone brightly for any motorists and pedestrians who cared to admire him.

We already knew he was special of course…… but not many cats would have that sort of publicity!

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by Denise Laurent at The Painted Cat

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