Friday Art Cat: Yuki the Snow Bengal



Yuki the Snow Bengal

“Yuki”.  Unison soft pastels on ClaireFontaine Pastelmat.  24*30cm.


This is a snow bengal cat which I was kindly given permission to sketch.  I was struck by her amazing colouring and regal pose!

I have a soft spot for blue-eyed cats – probably because I have never owned one.  I have only learned that there are some blue-eyed bengals since joining cat groups on Facebook, which has been so educational for me.

I am always looking for what will make the subject special – is it the composition, the pose, the lighting, the colours ?  Here the cat looked composed, alert, interested, authoritative,  … all at once, and her colours were amazing.

Sara Day

I am an artist who makes work of animals and people.

Three cats live with me – Maine Coon Orlando, Bengal Pandora and black moggy Rio.

Commissions, and indeed any art enquiries – welcomed.

Instagram: @Sardine.Art


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