Jenson & Kimi: Tofu Cat Litter

We had the privilege of being asked to review Tofu Cat Litter. I have never been asked to review anything before and I’m please to say I had a great experience with this litter so hoping future reviews are equally a pleasure.

First let me introduce you to my fur babies. Jenson is a British blue and Kimi is his half-brother, they have the same daddy, but Kimi got all his cream from his mum. At the time of the review they were around 9 months old (they are 10 weeks apart)

I let the boys investigate the bag for a while and they were very interested, Kimi loves to have a good smell, Jenson thought it was a toy or food so maybe a slight disappointment…..

Kimi just had to sit in it first, he couldn’t wait for me to get it back into position…. Or even put the lid back on the tray!

The litter was different to anything we had used before, it was green to start with!. There was no odour and when we poured the bag out there was very little dust.

Once the litter was in the tray the boys had another little smell to see what all the fuss was about.

Once we managed to get the litter in place, we let nature take over and left the boys to it.

The litter is a clumping litter that when wet does clump together, I hate clumping litter normally as the grains are so small and the boys kick it everywhere, but this cat litter was a dream. We had the benefits clumping litter but all the features of standard litter. Because of this the bottom of the litter tray NEVER got wet. Added bonus was NO SMELL as there was never any wet litter. And it really did last, we had the same litter down for 5 weeks.

The one slight issue I thought I was going to have was if any pellets escaped from the litter tray they got squished into the carpet. I was wondered they would get stuck and stain, but happier they just hoovered up with no problems.

Oh and the green didn’t stain Kimi’s paws, unlike a litter we had in the other tray from a different brand that turned his white socks into pink….. you can see this in the pictures above… won’t be buying that again!

We have used so many different litters, from wood pellets, to clay, to crystal, but this was by far the BEST litter we ever used!

To keep their modesty, I tried not to take any of them using the litter, But I sneaked this one when Kimi’s back was turned ?

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14 thoughts on “Jenson & Kimi: Tofu Cat Litter

  1. Erin The Cat says:

    Being an outside cat I don’t use litter, but I do like to have something in stock in case the weather turns bad. I shall definitely try to get hold of a bag.
    Toodle pips

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    • Marc-André says:

      ? I was surprised at first about the tofu but Clare and her kitties loved it. And it makes sense as it’s super absorbent

    • Marc-André says:

      ? I was surprised at first about the tofu but Clare and her kitties loved it. And it makes sense as it’s super absorbent

  3. terrepruitt says:

    Wow. What beautiful boys! And what great boys, I mean, that you have tried so many different litters? I always hear horror stories about changing/switching litters. That is great that they are so adaptable!

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