Book Mews – Strays: A Lost Cat, a Homeless Man, and Their Journey Across America

In a few days we’ll be lucky enough to attend the UK launch of ‘Strays’, a book covering the true life story of a homeless man who embarks on a life changing journey with a feline companion. Britt Collins, author and life-long animal lover, was inspired to reach out to those involved so she could share their story about the healing power of animals.

The book launch event is kindly being donated food samples by AlmoNature for the invited guests. AlmoNature is the first pet food company that donates 100% of their profits to animal welfare and biodiversity projects and thus the book resonates well with their company ethos.

“Homeless, alcoholic, and depressed, Michael King lives in a UPS loading bay on the wrong side of the tracks in Portland, Oregon. One rainy night, he stumbles upon a hurt, starving, scruffy cat and takes her in. Nursing her back to health, he names her Tabor and she becomes a bit of a celebrity in southeast Portland. When winter comes, they travel from Oregon to the beaches of California to the high plains of Montana, surviving blizzards and bears, angry steers and rainstorms. Along the way, people are drawn to the spirited, beautiful cat and moved to help Michael, who cuts a striking figure with Tabor riding high on his backpack or walking on a leash. Tabor comforts Michael when he’s down, giving Michael someone to love and care for, and inspiring him to get sober and to come to terms with his past family traumas and grief over the death of his life partner.”

“As they make their way across the West Coast, the pair become inseparable, healing the scars of each other’s troubled pasts. But when Michael takes Tabor to a veterinarian in Montana, he discovers that Tabor has an identification chip and an owner in Portland who has never given up hope of finding his beloved cat, Michael makes the difficult choice to return to Portland and reunite Tabor with her owner. Now Michael must create a new purpose in his life after Tabor.”

“The authentic tale of an adventurous and charismatic cat and her compassionate human admirers, Strays proves the healing power of love and the profound bond between humans and animals.”


Britt Collins has worked as an author on a number of publications including the Guardian (UK) and covered various topics including those close to her heart such as animal cruelty.  She lives in London with her cats and is still actively promoting animal welfare.

Currently she is organising the first ever Cat only festival in the UK.











STRAYS: A Homeless Man, a Lost Cat and Their Journey Across America (Simon & Schuster) is currently out in the US and Canada. Strays will also be published in paperback on 26 June 2018 in the US, UK and Australia, with foreign editions in Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, China and more. You can get your paws on a copy here at Amazon amongst other places.

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4 thoughts on “Book Mews – Strays: A Lost Cat, a Homeless Man, and Their Journey Across America

  1. chrisscatmeow says:

    What a really interesting read it will be. I don’t understand how the owner took their cat back…..well I can understand but after their journey and adventures together it seems abit unfair. I only pray Tabour is happy to be reunited with his owner.

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