Oliver & Nubia We’ve got the Munchies again!!

Hello everyone,

If there’s anything guaranteed to get Mr Oliver’s attention it’s the rustle of a bag. And not just any bag, though he has been known to go from 100% asleep to a full waking run when we come home with the shopping in his favorite kind of bags. The small bags full of tasty treats always attract his attention – as soon as you take them out of the cupboard, I’m sure it’s not just Oliver that has this ability to detect the slightest noise you make anywhere near the place where you keep the treats,

Like everything in life now, there seems so much choice when it comes to cat treats. And as with toys and beds your cat will always know what he likes. He doesn’t always know what’s good for him though.

Pet Munchies are premium treats which means they don’t have any hidden nasties – only the best ingredients are naturally freeze dried for this healthy snack.

And what’s even better is that the Pet Munchies treats are available via our favourite online shop Animed Direct which means not just have they got the complete selection of Pet Munchies flavours but you can always add this as a little extra to your shopping essential when you’d like to bring your total order value to £29 to make use of their free delivery offer.

As a final word whichever treats you choose for your cat don’t forget to include them in their daily calorie intake calculations! Even healthy treats like this require to be calculated into their over-all intake as they will count towards this! And lastly ensure that your cat has plenty of fresh water available whenever you feed dry food and snacks to him. 🙂



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19 thoughts on “Oliver & Nubia We’ve got the Munchies again!!

  1. weggieboy says:

    That’s a good bit of advice on adding the treats into the daily calorie count for one’s kitties. Unlike human treats, which everyone know have no calories…., kitty treats do, and the package should give you guidance on how many a day are reasonable and shouldn’t be exceeded if you don’t want an unhealthy, fat kitty.

        • Marc-André says:

          Ah good! I wasn’t sure what it’s like over at yours. In Japan they hardly ever provide guidance on treats 😮

          • weggieboy says:

            Andy would eat kitty treats exclusively if I let him, and he end up looking like a butterball. Even with the guidance, though, I think the best bet is to use that as a starting point, then drop back a bit for the kitty’s sake!

            As for guidance on pet food, though, if one followed the information on wet food cans, when I first got a cat, I found the instructions confusing and unrealistic. They used a weight formula that suggested feeding one’s cat at least twice as much as the cat ultimately needed to maintain a healthy weight. I have no doubt others feed their cats as much as suggested, creating all the weight-related health issues we know come from obesity in pets.

          • Marc-André says:

            There is a huge campaign on making pet food labelling clearer and easier to understand. Hopefully everyone will move to easier instructions and clearer labels. 🙂

  2. Mws R says:

    I have a cat that hooks his paw into whatever I am eating. Especially my cereal and milk , he thinks he can scoop milk right up, lol

  3. Dennis the Vizsla says:

    hello oliver and nubia its dennis the vizsla dog hay those treets do sownd pritty taysty i bet i wood like them too!!! altho charlee and chaplin mite hav sumthing to say abowt it if i ayt all there treets!!! ha ha ok bye

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