TigGRRR’s Declaration

Hello Katzenworld. TigGRRR the 3rd here. I had a long discussion with my human this morning. I have determined that one day a week is not enough days for tummy rubs. So I have decreed in my house that every day of the week is TigGRRR tummy rub day.

TigGRRR tummy rub Monday.

TigGRRR tummy rub Tuesday.

TigGRRR tummy rub Wednesday.

TigGRRR tummy rub Thursday.

TigGRRR tummy rub Friday.

TigGRRR tummy rub Saturday. Some days the correct equipment is crucial

TigGRRR tummy rub Sunday.

Ahhhhhhhh. That’s better. So my fellow Felines demand every day be your tummy rub day. Until next time keep your tummies soft and fluffy for more tummy rubs.

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11 thoughts on “TigGRRR’s Declaration

  1. Dennis Ades says:

    TigGRRR has always been a handsome fellow. His face is very expressive and he is very photogenic.

    My black female Spazzy is hard to capture her moods on film. She is to busy being beautiful to waste time for photographs.

    Thank you for all the kind comments on TigGRRR.
    He is trying hard not to let it go to his head that he has a fan club. ???

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