Friday Art Cat: “Bonjour” from Stylish Kitty Renegade

“Bonjour” from stylish kitty Renegade

Hello wonderful cat parents and kitties from Katzenworld, greeting you Bangladesh. I am Nadia Ruby. I am an amateur artist, teacher, blogger and housewife who is living with amazing supportive hubby and a baby son. This is a little brief about why and how I created this fur baby art. Even though I am not a professional artist, I do love to draw fantasy arts and everything about cute adorable animals especially cats because kitties look always great in every type of art.

At first, I could not draw fine art and portrait as I can only make chibi cartoon kitties. Later my hubby suggested me to do portrait and fine art because he believes that I can do better than just chibi. Therefore I practiced in free times apart from housework, baby caring, own blog and teacher job. Now I can draw well though still not perfect like pro-artists. I am still learning and I always want to share my feline-inspired arts with other cat lovers around the world.

I found this amazing site this always welcome for cat lovers artists like me and they have a creative artistic mind.I really respect that the creators of “Katzenworld” support and inspire art. So I decided to make something for their amazing opportunities. I requested Marc that I would love to make a drawing for his beloved fur babies. He is owned by 3 adorable furry felines.


They all are so cute so I could not decide which one I have to choose. As I am a very busy bee, sadly I can only make one at a time even I really want to do for all of those lovely babies. Dear Marc chose for me. He picked up Renegade because Marc said Rennie is special. Yes, Rennie is a charming furry prince. I am glad I can draw a picture of this baby. Renegade is elegant, handsome kitty with a nice healthy athletic body which remind me of his mighty cousin king of the jungle. But his is a lover, not a fighter. Am I right Rennie? Ok, so I started fine art with window paint software. I am still learning about digital art and not familiar with it actually because outdated oldie me used to draw with pen and paper all the time. I could take only 1 hr per day to draw this. After all, I had done my beautiful art of Prince Rennie.

I really thank Marc for waiting patiently and sharing my best trying to world of loving cat parents. Thank you all for supporting my humble art. Bonjour from handsome kitty Renegade.

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31 thoughts on “Friday Art Cat: “Bonjour” from Stylish Kitty Renegade

    • Nadia Ruby says:

      I love cats, dogs and other animals. No matter which animals you love because people who love animals possess the great kind heart. As in return, they give loyalty and never cheating love for their humans. I really embrace their trust.

    • Nadia Ruby says:

      Thanks a lot. I can see something cute in your picture. A happy mom with a charming little panther. Your fur baby is cute too.

  1. Patricia Carragon says:

    nadia, you are an artist. to be an artist is to be able to express yourself. go to any modern art museum like MoMA to see that. bravo and meow!

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